Leslie Ratshin '66 Alumni Spotlight

When Leslie (Baker) Ratshin looks back at her time at the University of Cincinnati College of Nursing, she remembers getting along well with her classmates. But mostly, the 1966 graduate recalls how well the baccalaureate nursing program prepared her for leadership roles.

Leslie Baker Ratshin, Class of 1966

Leslie has worked in various settings – from hospitals to nursing homes – including as head nurse at the University of Chicago.

One standout memory for Leslie happened when her mother had a heart attack. She sought permission from the assistant dean to travel home as soon as possible. At the time, Leslie says, faculty and administrators weren’t friendly with students, but the assistant dean showed her warmth and understanding.

Leslie Ratshin and friends at a College of Nursing Alumni Reunion.

Leslie's Advice for Nurses and Students

  • Take advantage of whatever is available to help you succeed.
  • Find a place that allows you to relieve your stress.
  • Find someone you trust and in whom you can confide, knowing they won't tell anyone what you've said.

Leslie Ratshin was interviewed by UC College of Nursing student Emily Jacox as part of the Alumni Discovery Project, an outreach effort to engage alumni in active dialogue with students from the College of Nursing through in-person interviews.


Leslie Ratshin and UC College of Nursing

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