Caligula Life Lesson -Elaina Beckham, Madelyn Lankford, Javon Buckley

Gaius Caesar, or Caligula was Emperor of Rome from 37-41 AD. His nickname (Caligula) means "little boots". He was murdered by his uncle Cassius. No one liked him as emperor. He spent tons of money and was very arrogant. People thought he was mad.

Because of his actions, his wife and daughter were killed. He showed a life lesson for us today to take responsibility in having power especially if your family is involved. For example, always protect your family because if you make mistakes, you could lose them. He had also been the first Roman emperor to be assassinated.

Caligula was also known for his harsh treatments to others. When having this much control over a large population, you should treat everyone the same and keep them safe and peaceful. On October 37, Caligula had a serious illness which led him to spend the remainder of his reign ill. You should always keep yourself healthy and do what you can to not get sick.


Created with images by leoncillo sabino - "Marble portrait bust of the emperor Gaius, known as Caligula, Early Imperial, Julio-Claudian A.D. 37–41"

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