English Midterm Gender pay gap

The minority group of the Gender Pay Gap is women of all races. Women are being denied the Equal Pay Act of 1963, which states "No employer having employees subject to any provisions of this section [section 206 of title 29 of the United States Code] shall discriminate, within any establishment in which such employees are employed, between employees on the basis of sex by paying wages to employees in such establishment at a rate less than the rate at which he pays wages to employees of the opposite sex in such establishment for equal work on jobs[,] the performance of which requires equal skill, effort, and responsibility, and which are performed under similar working conditions, except where such payment is made pursuant to (i) a seniority system; (ii) a merit system; (iii) a system which measures earnings by quantity or quality of production; or (iv) a differential based on any other factor other than sex [...] [2]". Women in the United States make 64 to 89% of what men make. Women typically earn about 90 percent of what men are paid until they hit 35.

The AAUW organization takes online action to support the Gender Pay Gap between men and women. They also state that the education levels on women are also affected by the pay gap. The IWPR tracks the wage gap twice per year. They are constantly on the look for any changes in percentages. The IWPR uses media as a way to get in touch with the world also. Some people who look at the posts and hashtags don't like this and say some very negative things. I think that it is good that they are trying to make a difference unlike the other people who are accusing them.

To help the Gender Pay Gap, the AAUW suggests for companies to manage salary inspections to frequently monitor and confront gender-based pay differences. You can also go to www.aauw.com and look at how to raise awareness around your community and country. You can talk to local companies and see if they have a pay gap or not. If they do then you can show them how they are going against the 1963 Act of Equality.

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