Definition: The power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint. Freedom is a term that i think is often misunderstood, It is not just being able to say or do whatever you want. If we lived in that kind of freedom it would not be a equal freedom. Freedom to me is being able to say, think, act and believe how ever you choose as long as it is not having a negative impact on another persons freedom.
To me, freedom is not a right. We fight for the freedom we have everyday and have for the past 200 years. It is not something we should take for granted. We can lose freedom at anytime. For example, If you are convicted of a crime and go to jail your freedom is lessened.
In 2016 there was a online poll asking people if they thought the United States was really free. Only 18 percent said yes we are really free. The other 82 percent said we are not free because our speech is limited and we cannot act however we want. Some their examples were, we cannot yell "Fire" in a movie theater, We cannot smoke in restaurants or we cannot freely commit crimes with no punishments. I think the purpose of these limits is to ensure equal freedom for everyone. I do not think limitations like that make us unfree.
While I do not agree with the recent protests that have been taking place in America. That is a great example of exercising their freedom of speech. I believe that having the ability to speak out like that will help lead to a more perfect freedom.
While our freedom may not be perfect, It is better than no freedom. The limits we have on our freedom do not make us any less free, they are there to help keep the freedom equal for everyone. That is what freedom means to me.

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