Castle Warfare moat

A siege is when attackers come from a different kingdom to another Kingdom. They try to attack but the castle has walls, so the attackers camp out in front of the castle. The attackers thought if they waited long enough for the people to run out of food and water, then people will come out and the enemy will attack.

A moat is around a castle and full of stuff such as, garbage and waste. The king used a moat to keep out attackers. If the attackers go in the moat, they will be covered in waste and garbage. Some moats were filled with wooden stakes and covered with water. The wooden stakes were used for to stab attackers if they tried to jump in the moat.

This castle has water around it called a moat
the giant dent in the ground used to be a moat
the water around this building is called a moat
the water outside this castle is called a moat


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