Mr. P's Advise From Regretable Choices You deserve better

Kill the Indian to save the child

To kill the Indian you would beat the child, by beating the child it was thought to save the child from the Indian culture.

I apologize to you

I am apologizing for having to beat children to save them from the Indian culture. It is wrong of me

I want you to say you deserve better

Make a decision to better yourself as an individual and accomplish your dreams.

You have to leave forever

You need to leave the Rez and live a life that's better for you.

We're all defeated

The people on the Rez have given up. Stay strong.

If you stay on the Rez, they're going to kill you, I'm going to kill you.

Your best option is to leave the Rez.

I don't want you to fail, I don't want you to fade away.

I want the best for you.

I've hurt a lot of Indian kids when I was a young teacher.

I want better for you

I forgive you, as much as I don't want to, I do.
Dear Mr. P

I have been living on the Rez my entire life and after a while I've gotten tired of struggling and wanted to get away. I've chose to transfer schools and the school I've transferred to is a rich white schooland where I live is poor people, lost in poverty. My best friend has begun to dislike me and the people on the Rez treat me differently like I've done something wrong or harmful. Should I stay at my new school and continue to pursue my dreams or go to school on the Rez?

Sincerely kid from the Rez.

I understand the predicament your're in and I can only image how difficult this may be. You live on a Rez where people dislike you now because you have goals and dreams you want to accomplish to better yourself and make your family happy. I totally understand, I've been in your shoes many times before and it's not the best feeling when you want to create a future for yourself and the people your're surrounded by are people who don't who don't want to see that happen for you. People like this begin to build envy and hatred only because you guys are born and raised in the same place and you have found a way out. My advise to you is follow your dreams regardless of what people may think or how they may feel about you. It's your decision to grow and expand as an individual and accomplish your dreams.

Sincerely P.

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