MESHED Bars Bug Bites Beautifully deliberately elegant defense against TICKS and mosquitoes

2018 Jumpsuit

In July 2017, the MESHED Jumpsuit was launched. It is the culmination of creator Teresa Oppedal's longing for non-toxic, lightweight, breathable and elegant defense against biting bugs in her Austin, Texas, yard. Tired of the onerous task of suiting up in heavy long sleeves and pants and dousing skin and yard with toxic chemicals in order to enjoy being outside, she sewed a jumpsuit out of super-fine gauge mesh. After sixteen years of searching for a solution on the market, MESHED was born. In this time of heightened concern for rampant insect-borne diseases like Zika, West Nile and Lyme Disease, MESHED is now being shared for sale through the MESHED website.

For garden, trail, pool or lounge chair

Beyond being beautiful the Jumpsuit is effective. It has been tested against mosquitoes at the Molecular Vector Physiology Lab at New Mexico State University in Las Cruces, and trail-tested by hikers in Maine against ticks. The very positive results can viewed on Meshed.buzz.

"This was totally freeing! It was a perverse entertainment looking down and watching these ticks trying to make their way to our skin. Many just fell off, others we flicked off." Nancy Baker, Maine outdoor enthusiast after her first hike in MESHED
New in 2018, a detachable hood with face veil

MESHED provides a non-toxic alternative to chemically-impregnated bug protection garments on the market. After researching the effects of DEET and even the less ominous Permethrin, MESHED says a respectful, "No thanks." The unadulterated Jumpsuit allows the wearer to better personally regulate and minimize the toxins she chooses to wear near her skin.

Let MESHED be the most elegant line of defense in your personal arsenal of bug-bite-deterring products and practices.
Extra protection

The new Meshed Sun/Screen Hat with UPF 50+ and a concealable drop-down veil that releases from the crown.

Effortless wear, effortless care

Wash in cold water, gentle cycle. Hang to dry. No bleach, no iron, no dryer. Dries in a flash!

Intentionally beautiful

MESHED is sewn of 100% nylon American fabric in a Portugal factory that produces many high-end fashion lines. Our production team has more than 20 years of experience in the fashion industry and is helping to expand the MESHED line. Look for the release of versions more specifically for men and maternity in 2018.

Creator, Teresa Oppedal, and her MESHED Muses

For additional information, please contact Teresa Oppedal, Creator and Founder of MESHED, LLC. Links to high resolution photos and logos below.


Meshed, LLC

2313 Woodlawn Blvd.

Austin, TX 78703

(512) 694-1507

Keep MESHED on a hook near the door. Ready to go? Step in. Zip it up. Get outside.


Kate LeSueur Photography

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