Choice Bio Found poem by: ashlee sammons

To discover
Tissue health
Using plant veins to find natural island habitats
Saving people lives by heart muscles
Wild dogs on a hunt to discover modern lifestyles
Rare canines using survival to grow a new vascular system
Pups hunt to discover mud
Plants use red dye to save people's lives
Different colors of dogs


Created with images by Wow_Pho - "yellow natural flower" • Gabriel GM - "Hunting" • Unsplash - "life beauty scene" • annaj - "tissues box of tissues hygiene" • Steven Roberge - "Plant" • Berzin - "ambulance doctor students" • DJ-Dwayne [Returning in 2015/16] - "Dingo (Australia's wild dog)" • OnyxDog86 - "Protecting the Prize2" • howo - "hunting dog retriever winter" • andrewmalone - "Plant" • danielle828 - "dog chocolate special"

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