Here It Comes By Owen-Glass

The Rope & The Rabbit

2019 | Pop

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“I’ve been wasting my time. -- Chasing all that glitters and shines. -- I’m a fool trading my life for illusion.”


  • Straight from Kelly:
  • “I wrote it about the collapse of empire. It was originally titled ‘crumble’ and the lyric was “like Rome it starts to Crumble, Here It Comes” but it just made more sense to personalize it “I feel it start to crumble..”"
  • “It is meant to compliment a track later in the record “Paper Chains,” which is explicitly about fiat currency, basically those tracks tell us a collapse is coming, and the way to combat it is to fight central banking.”
  • “Here it Comes was two separate songs originally. Those songs both had strong choruses, but I didn’t like any of the verses, so my producer suggested we just make a Beatles-esque arrangement and just do a song with two choruses and that’s what we did, with lots of space for the instrumentalists to play in”


Luke Tatum

It's worth noting up front that Owen-Glass is a full-on ancap band, and they offer a sweet jam on every track. The video really helps to drive this one home. We're ignoring the repurcussions of our actions, living for the short term. We move from immediate gratification to immediate gratification, but there is absolutely "something missing." What is it exactly? Perhaps this is hard to define, but it seems like "long term considerations" might be the best approximation. As the song alludes, things are starting to crumble. Another collapse is coming. But in spite of this, politicians, people in Hollywood, financial advisors...everyone seems to be focused on the now. There's money to be made in the stock market! The latest Marvel Cinematic Universe movie is breaking records! This is the most important election of our lifetime! These are the refrains sung by the sirens of western culture. It's fine to play with stocks, or watch movies, but we have to hold ourselves to a higher standard. We can't be caught flat-footed when the collapse arrives.

Sherry Voluntary

Mellow and easy to listen to, this song seems to me to be addressing something that people seem to confuse quite a lot, the terms consumerism and capitalism. Most anti-capitalists throw all sorts of things in the bin of capitalism, but consumerism is one that I think is quite prevalent and shows the lack of understanding of the free market. Capitalism is at its core the respect of private property rights and the rights of owners to use that property in a way that is useful and beneficial to themselves and their communities. On the other hand consumerism is the concept that an ever-expanding consumption of goods is advantageous to the economy with no real thought to conserving of resources or the value of that which is being tossed aside. I think of capitalism as a bee. Hardworking, industrious, innovative, benefiting the community and fulfilling the drive inside the bee to accomplish the task at hand. Consumerism however, I see as the locust. Coming in droves, devouring resources, shallow, satisfying the never ending hunger to acquire, but not to appreciate, giving no thought to the value provided to the community, only to the hunger it feels. While these are just my own silly analogies, I think they communicate the idea. All that glitters is not gold. You can do almost anything you want, but that doesn’t mean you should. There’s that darned personal responsibility popping up again. I think the song leaves the listener with an observation that should make us think about our own behaviour in the world, “We’re just wasting our time, chasing all that glitters and shines.” Don’t fall into the trap of thinking having shiny new things is a substitute for the real and deep fulfillment, and self respect that come from retaining wealth and producing value in the world.

Nicky P

This song is amazing if for nothing else than it's unassailably a good song. When you get music that goes out to specifically proselytize a message, all too often the music comes secondary. The thing I love about this is that if you know where the rabbit trail is headed theres a beautiful message right up front. If you're not in the know it's simply a longer journey. The song lays it out that we pay far too much attention to keeping up with the Jones's and in an effort to do that we've essentially been sold out by our grandparents. Society has hidden a great many of it's ills in the inflation that the federal reserve creates to continue funding wars. We're stuck in a world where SJW's try and fight symptoms of our great societal issues when so many of the things that have weakened us both economically and culturally have been related to fiscal policy. I'm glad that someone has created music for the masses with our message even if it's real subtle...maybe just a dog-whistle to ancaps the world over. If you didn't catch it even the band name is a reference to the FED.

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Nicky P

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