Finding Fearless Discover your purpose, Passion, and Potential

Weekend Growth Intensive

Nestled in the heart of the rocky mountains - be revitalized, renewed, and inspired.

Join Michelle Neustaedter, MSc., CCC., Andrea Roche, MSW, RSW, Amy Monea, MSW, RSW, and Trish Collyer for a 2.5 day journey of self-discovery.

At Finding Fearless, you will discover your purpose, your passions, and how to engage your potential. You will get clear action steps to get you moving toward living the life you dream:

A life of Courage,

A life of Passion,

A life of Purpose,

A life Fulfilled,

of excitement,

and drive.

You will realize greater self-awareness, intentionality, and significance, resulting in a clearer vision of tomorrow, a renewed sense of passion for life, and ultimately, greater fulfillment and purpose. You will create your own life Purpose Statement and Life Vision Declaration that is sure to transform your life long after your visit with us here.

Have you ever asked, "Is this it?"

"I thought by now I would have been further along"

"I don't know what it is I am supposed to, but it isn't this"

Do you want to be more, do more, achieve more?

Are you settling for good enough? The mundane, day-to-day? Mediocre life? Are you already pushing, producing, and being as much as you know how, but need a little more?

Finding Fearless is about you, finding your dreams, finding your passions, finding your purpose and finding the courage to step up and step in!

We have all been there at one time or another. Feeling the desire to do more. Accomplish more. Be more. But yet, we just aren't. I have felt that. It is literally painfully knowing that there is a dream inside of you. That there is a purpose for you. That there is something missing. Oh man! and especially when we don't know what that is. Ugh!

But Wait!

There is a way...

We have developed "Finding Fearless" to help you find out what the "more" is, to get to the more, the better, the stronger, the braver you!

At Finding Fearless, you will get to see you - come to life - with passion and vigor. You will walk away knowing that you were made for more. Knowing what that more is. Knowing how to get moving toward it - And - You will have a community around you to help you make the steps and continue to make the steps. You will feel alive! Invigorated! Inspired!

As women we know how important it is that you know your values, what stands in your way, and how to get over those obstacles. Through "acceptance and commitment" strategies and mindfulness based cognitive tools, Andrea Roche will open your eyes to an unconditional love and compassion of self that you never thought possible.

Andrea Roche, BA, MSW, RSW

What is action if we don't understand how the whole is impacted the intricate? Amy Monea will guide you through an experience where you explore how you "show up" and strategies to bridge the gap with how you want to "show up".

Amy Monea, MSW, RSW

With understanding comes the need for courage and actionable steps. Michelle Neustaedter will walk you through a journey of taking action, testing the dream and understanding why.

Michelle Neustaedter, Msc., CCC

And Trish Collyer brings you self-care, vulnerability, and an understanding of your strengths.

Trish Collyer

Together we will uncover your purpose, we will test your dreams; Encourage, Equip, and Inspire you!

This will not just be another hokey, RA RA You can do it! workshop, but you will learn to take real action that will enable you to get to the top of the mountain.

Our facilitators include Certified Counsellors, Registered Social Workers, and Registered Psychologists and therefore your tickets may be covered by your health benefits. Let us know if you would like a registered receipt for benefits.

You are stronger than you feel, smarter than you think, and braver than you believe!

There are a few pricing options available:

General Admission

  • With this ticket you will receive access to the Morning Meditation,
  • all the workshops, and
  • access to the online community.
  • You will also receive your welcome package, personalized notebook, and hotel discount.

VIP PAckage

  • VIP tickets get access to the Morning Meditation,
  • 2 days of incredible workshop content and all the goodies in the general admission,
  • swag bag (valued at $75),
  • and online community,
  • as well as a Friday night VIP Welcome Reception (valued at $97),
  • VIP Breakfast Saturday and Sunday Morning (valued at $97),
  • and DiSC Assessment and Debrief (valued at $197) with Trish.


  • The VIP Ticket Includes all of the goodies available to the general admission
  • and everything within the VIP Package
  • As Well As Hotel Accommodations for 2 nights at host hotel,
  • and the opportunity to join the Finding Fearless Team for a VIP dinner on Saturday evening (Cost of Dinner not included).