My Expierence at the Florida Museum of Natural History Sabrina Grivas

Nature on Display

Massive woolly mammoth
Me taking a selfie with the woolly mammoth
Shark Jaw Row
Shark jaw that could easily swallow my head.
Walk through Time
Fossil of a giant ground sloth
Fossil of an elephant

I thought the most appealing exhibit at the Florida Museum of Natural History was the Florida Fossils: Evolution of Life and Land. This exhibit was interesting to me because I love looking at fossils. I think it is cool to see the bones of some of the most massive or tiniest creatures that walked the planet. The whole design of the exhibit was fun to walk through because at every corner there was a new fossil. I especially liked the layout of the Walk through Time because it was a room full of Florida's first land animals. This whole exhibit was engaging by its use of posing multiple animal fossils in a fun and memorizing way. I learned from this exhibit that the natural world is constantly changing and will never stop. New species are forming, while some are going away. This exhibit did a great job of communicating this thought because all of the fossils were arranged into a parade. The parade symbolized the procession and diversity of animals in Florida through history. My experience at the museum was enjoyable because of the friendly environment that I received. There was someone there to welcome me and guide me to where I should start. Also, the people I saw at the museum were respectable to all of the exhibits featured. You could tell each display was well taken care of and that even museum viewers did not disrupt these exhibits.

Nature and Ethics

Wall of Wings
Butterfly Rainforest

The Naturel History Museum provided me the opportunity to experience nature in ways that Leopold recommends. Specifically the Butterfly Rainforest, it made me learn to appreciate the land the way through Leopold's eyes. I understood what he meant by “loving, respecting, and admiring” the land. I felt like I was a member of a biotic community when I was immersed with the butterflies. All of the different butterflies made me happy and I could sense a feeling of calmness within the exhibit. As I went through the rainforest, I thought about how butterflies are simple creatures that have their own agendas. They don't disrupt you so we shouldn't disrupt them. When I was in this exhibit, there was a group of old ladies in front of me. They loved all the butterflies and were intrigued by their beauty. The Butterfly Rainforest is a great way for visitors to connect with nature. You get to go inside a butterfly's home and experience everything they do. My experience in the museum gave me an ethical responsibility to nature as Leopold imagined. I need to be the one to protect our land and animals. Everyone and everything has a home that should be respected. I should follow Leopold's beliefs and treat the land with love, respect, and admiration.

Nature and the Human Spirit

Calusa Leader's House
Inside a northwest Florida cave
Migration of monarchs

The Natural History museum helps us step out of our ordinary lives into mystery and majesty. You go through different exhibits that showcase the history of Florida. It's not everyday you see a giant shark jaw or walk with 60 different butterfly species. Immersing ourselves in these exhibits gives us a chance to connect with a world we don't know. The museum also help us better understand who we are and better appreciate the mystery and majesty of the natural world. We realize that all the plants and animals found in the exhibits were once in control and that people came after them and took over the land. Therefore, its our duties to protect the species that our still here and treat them with respect. But still till this day, we don't know everything that's out in our world. There could be creatures we have never heard of or seen but this does not mean they aren't there. We need to realize that they are and appreciate their existence. We all share the same planet so we need to be united.


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