Famous People in History an EFL project on famous historical figures

Getting started

"Your school wants to put on a show at the end of term. The theme is ‘Famous people in history’ and the show is called ‘That was his/her life'.

Your task is to choose a candidate for the show, collect information about him/her and present it to the class.

Form groups of three-four. As a group decide which person the show will be about."

1. Brainstorm a list of famous historical figures

2. Choose a Person of Interest

Choose someone you find interesting and want to know more about.

What kind of information are you going to include in your presentation?

3. Gather Resources

Here are some recommended sites:

4. Take Notes

The length of the different resources you find may vary so you need to skim and scan your resources for information, seeking out key words.

You can put your notes on the following note-taking graphic organizers. They will help you decide what you are looking for.

5. Put It All Together in a Fun Package

Organise your information in chronological order and use it to write a short report that can teach others about this person.

Below you can find some ideas on how you can make your final presentation.

For digital presentations here are some tools you can use to design your work online:

They work exactly like Microsoft Powerpoint. You can log in with a Gmail account.

Use this If you want to be like your teacher. You can log in with a Facebook or a Gmail account.

It offers more impressive presentations (you can log in using your Facebook account)

If you are feeling particularly confident with your computer skills you can try the Historical Figure Facebook presentation. You can make it as simple (or as complex) as as you like.

Historical Figure Facebook

It works with Microsoft Powerpoint and you can download a blank tempate and a sample here:

If you are a pen and paper person...

Biography Poster
Timeline Poster

6. Present your project proudly

Remember that your presentation has to meet the following criteria:

You are also going to be evaluated by your peers based on the criteria set on the following peer evaluation sheet.

The best presentations according to your evaluation will be uploaded in our class blog.

Good Luck!



Project based on the coursebook Think Teen 2nd Grade Beginners

Graphic organisers found in Scholastic

Historical Figure Facebook found in Ms Pulido's Computer Lab

Biography Poster found in bloglovin

Famous person Timeline found in artskills.com

Picture of historical figures found in Heading for English


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