Tiger Tales Stories from Distance Learning and Beyond | April 2021

Welcome to the April 2021 issue of Tiger Tales! Below you'll find highlights from across District 192 showing what everyday learning looks like for our Tigers.


Learners at Meadowview Elementary School recently adopted Reading Buddies.

Riverview Elementary hosted a "read-a-thon" over spring break. Learners and their families were encouraged to spend time reading wherever they were! Teachers, students, families, and friends all participated.


At Meadowview Elementary, 5th graders in IDEAS spent the month learning about potential and kinetic energy by making model rollercoasters. The 5th graders in Ahlberg/Olson's class collaborated and combined their rollercoasters to make some really impressive designs!

North Trail Elementary 3rd graders recently spent time learning about computer coding during their Media class.

Some of our younger Tigers learned about the science behind puddles!

At Meadowview Elementary: "During STEM kindergarten students created a city while learning about people, places, and things."

6th grade learners in District 192 dissected cows eyes while studying biology.

7th graders at Dodge Middle Schools spent some time learning about different pathogens. "They explored how bacteria has grown in a petri dish over the past week. Lots of excitement as they examined their findings!"

Hana and Maia Childress, both 7th graders at Dodge Middle School, recently participated in NASA’s Artemis Moon Pod Essay Contest. The Artemis Program, in which the first woman and next man will land on the Moon by 2024, captured the attention of 14,000 K-12 students across the country who submitted essays. The Childress sisters attended a virtual event on March 23, hearing first-hand about what it is like to live and work in space from NASA astronaut, Ricky Arnold, and associate administrator of Human Exploration and Operations, Kathy Lueders. Their essays, along with the others submitted to the contest, will fly aboard Artemis 1 and orbit the Moon. Space exploration is a passionate interest of these seventh graders. Both girls look forward to participating in Space Camp this summer after COVID-19 restrictions cancelled their space plans last summer. Congratulations to these learners for pursing their spark!

Music & Art

5th graders at Farmington Elementary had fun learning ukulele chords and playing along to some catchy tunes.

Meadowview Elementary students got creative with "Crocodile Art."


Recently, the Boeckman Middle School 8th grade Advanced Language Arts class held a Mock Trial basing the trial off of a crime committed in the short story, A Jury of Her Peers by Susan Glaspell. Each cohort was a team of either the prosecution or defense, with witnesses and a jury. To prepare for trial, learners had to make inferences from the story to come up with evidence. Each team had a day in person and a day they had to log in via Google Meet.

Kindergarteners from North Trail and Meadowview Elementary Schools have enjoyed learning outdoors as the weather continues to warm.

Sunday, March 21 was World Down Syndrome Day! At MVES, Mrs. Tucker's 1st graders celebrated with style (and silly socks!)

Boeckman Middle School, Dodge Middle School, and Farmington High School were all excited to welcome learners back to a full-time in person model. Everyone was excited to be together again.

Congratulations to Kiley Snobeck on being chosen as the 2021 Student Speaker and to Beth Beckman on being chosen as the 2021 Faculty Speaker!

Kiley Snobeck

Thank you to everyone who shared a Tiger Tale! Look for more in the latest School Reporter and in another issue of Tiger Tales soon.