Paper Towns Shayda

Quentin and Margo find a dead body when they was younger and they go home to tell their parents. Margo finds out that the man kills himself and wonders why. Nine years later, Margo shows up at Quentin's house wanting his help to get revenge on people. They vandalize houses and cars and spray paint a fish, and then sneak into seaworld. The next day Margo doesn't show up for school. He believes that she has ran away from home and his leaving him clues as to where she might be. He used the clues to go find her in Agloe, NY. When he goes to see her she says that she doesn't want to go home and she never wanted to be found.

John Green is an author, blogger, writer, producer, actor, and editor. He has writer many famous books like Looking for Alaska, and the Fault in our Stars. He was born on Indiana on August 24, 1977.


False Perceptions: Quentin spends much of his time obsessing over Margo to a point where he loses reality. He sees Margo as a flawless, and beautiful object. He clings to memories when they was kids, but Margo has long lost her innocence and Quentin's friendship. Shes not the same person he remembers her as when they were kids.

Obsession: Everything Quentin does it's to help find Margo. He gets an obsession with trying to find her. He doesn't do his school work, spends the night in an abandoned building, he even skips his graduation just to drive to New York to find her. He wants to everything he can to help find her.

Death: The book begins with death when Margo and Quentin were 9 years old. They also think that Margo has died or has committed suicide. When they visit the abandoned mini-mall they think she's in there dead, but they find a dead raccoon. Quentin also at one point sees a tree in the distance and believes Margo is dead in it.

Paper Towns won an Edgar award for best young adult mystery. New York Times Bestseller, USA Today Bestseller, Publishers Weekly bestseller.

“Green delivers once again with this satisfying, crowd-pleasing look at a complex, smart boy and the way he loves. Genuine—and genuinely funny—dialogue, a satisfyingly tangled but not unbelievable mystery and delightful secondary characters.” -Kirkus


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