Wind Turbines How we plan to save the planet

Our planet is slowly dying. One of the many ways to save it is to substitute our ways of powering our home. At the moment we are using fossil fuels, which are killing the Earth, as well as causing climate change. The side-effects of climate change are: hurricanes, tornadoes, vigorous storms and the rising of sea levels. However, all is not lost as humans have discovered many solutions...

Wind turbines are a great way to help the planet. They are one of many substitutes for coal and other fossil fuels. A fossil fuel is a natural product that has been formed over millions of years; however the supplies are running low. Fossil fuels contain co2 however this is a powerful 'greenhouse gas' which pollutes the atmosphere - trapping all heat inside the invisible blanket covering the Earth.

Wind turbines are healthy for the environment because of the lack of pollution entering the atmosphere. Wind turbines work off a simple system: as the wind passes by, it makes the blades spin around. The blades, attached to the rotor - which is a part inside of the turbine - in turn, spin the shaft. The shaft is a gearbox which increases the speed of the spinning blades enough to power the electricity generator. The generator converts mechanical energy of the moving wind into electricity energy.

Do you really want to destroy this beautiful world?

Did you know that if the top 10% windiest parts of the country were covered, wind turbines could produce 20 kWh per person per day. With it costing only 8 pence per kWh, wind turbines are the cheapest source of renewable energy. Plus, they are able to produce the highest amount of electricity compared to all other sources such as: solar panels, hydroelectric power, tidal power and biofuels.

Less than 1% of land is taken up by the base of the turbines. This land could be used to rent out by farmers.
One turn of a wind turbine could power a full family house for a whole 24 hours!
Wind turbines last for up to 20 years so will not have to be replaced for a while.
"the UK has the best wind resources in Europe." - The sustainable development commission
a group of wind turbines is called a wind farm.

Other ways to help the planet:

  • Re-using plastic bags
  • Turning off lights once you leave
  • Switching off all electronics once you have finished with them
  • Recycling
  • Walking instead of driving to places that are within walking distance


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