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Journal: On this day I was on track up until it came time to do my post class biology review. I found myself laying in bed after lunch and I was getting really tired with a little time before my next class. I ended up taking a short nap in between my classes. I also sacrificed time for sociology readings to have some extra study time for my psychology exam. I felt like this was more important at the time being the exam was the next day. Everything else went as planned.

Journal: Everything was going well up until the time to study biology came around the first time. I decided to go outside and throw frisbee with my roommate. I just felt comfortable enough to not have two study sessions in the same day I felt like one was sufficient. Adding in some time for this portfolio was good I feel like because I had a busy weekend plan with the spring game going on. My psychology exam went well too so I am glad i added extra study time the day before.

Journal: Really the only things I had today were my biology exam which went extremely well and the Mastering Biology homework. So i decided after having a pretty tough week that I would spend some time out at the pool to sort of unwind from the week. Then to be honest I just felt really lazy and I took a nap. Everything went as scheduled because I felt like I had done enough to buy me some time off for the rest of the day.


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