Thank you for meeting with Pensionmark to discuss your retirement plan and how we can help. While we do our best to tell you about us in our initial meeting, we are respectful of your time so we don't always have a chance to get into the weeds At this stage, what we hear from many prospects is that from your side of the table, most advisors just look the same. We know that we win on paper 100% of the time but it doesn't matter what we know, it's what you think about us. So here is what makes our people and services stand apart from every other advisor.

Pensionmark brings local expertise backed up by a national support network.

We provide unbiased retirement plan consulting, financial planning, and investment advice, based on a thorough understanding of each client’s unique circumstances and objectives. We support our clients with a nationwide network of consultants who have decades of experience. We employ cutting-edge technology and analytics using a team-based approach. We understand that the financial services industry is constantly evolving and are committed to continually enhancing our capabilities to help you stay ahead.

With offices throughout the United States, Pensionmark is recognized as one of the leading consulting firms in the nation. Pensionmark team members have been named to 401K Wire’s list of "Most Influential Advisors" and among the "Most Influential People in Defined Contributions." Pensionmark has also been named by plansponsor and PLANADVISER magazines as one of the nation’s most successful retirement plan consulting organizations.

Pensionmark has also been recognized in the Inc. 5000 Magazine for fastest growing company for three consecutive years as well as PLANADVISERS “Retirement Plan Adviser Multi-Office Team of the Year”.

Stripes or Solids?

As anyone that has played 8 ball knows, you need to determine which balls you will target and which ones you will leave on the table for others. The same is true for advisory services with the choices being 3(21) advisory or 3(38) investment manager services. Where will you focus? The right solution aligns with your ability and desire to be part of the investment selection and review process. We offer both levels and work with you to determine which his most appropriate for you.


At Pensionmark, we work with a plethora of retirement plan platforms and investment products. But when there is not a good solution in the market to solve specific problems, we look to create them.

A great example is our proprietary SmartLifecycle Funds managed by Blackrock. Because there was not a suitable low-volatility target date fund option in the market we teamed up with Blackrock to create them.

While valuable lessons can be learned from what’s happened in the past, true success requires thinking about things differently. At Pensionmark, we’re firm believers that the way things have always been done shouldn’t always predict what happens next. Innovation isn’t just about creating new technologies or building fancy gadgets. Truly innovative thinking relies on challenging the status quo and rethinking how things have always been done.

Tailored Solutions

Would you ever buy a suit without trying it on first? Of course not. Even with all the custom Egyptian wool and hand stitched pieces, the finest suit money can buy will still look like junk if it doesn’t fit. Retirement plans and financial planning should be no different. At Pensionmark, we know that one size does not fit all.

We’ll take stock of your circumstances, goals and demographics to optimize and design a plan just for you. Once we have the design and operational features of your plan ironed out we can test the impact of design changes before we make them.

It’s never too late to go back to the classroom. Before any decisions about your retirement plan can even be considered, we focus on educating you about how retirement planning works and what your options are. Simply put, we’ll make this stuff make sense.

Retirement planning is as important as it gets. These are people’s futures we’re talking about! Unfortunately, these choices aren’t as simple as what shirt to wear to work tomorrow or what you should pack for lunch. 401(k), Investment Governance, Fiduciary, ERISA, Retirement Readiness, etc. etc., we get it: It can feel like a foreign language. Don’t sweat it, we live and breathe this stuff. We’ll breakout the chalkboards and start from square one if we have to and won’t stop until the picture seems clearer.

Have you ever walked around all day with a pebble in your shoe? Until you get the little pesky annoyance out, you might not even realize that it was causing such discomfort. For millions of employers and individuals, the burden of understanding retirement plans is that irritating little rock. The complexity and uncertainty of not knowing what the future will hold can poke and pry at your every step, leaving you uncertain about how put your next foot forward.

You work hard enough. As you manage the complexities of your retirement plan, we believe every step should be as simple and painless as possible.

When you walk in your home, you’re able to illuminate your surroundings with the simple flip of a switch. Devices that we use everyday to keep our food safe, our minds stimulated and our lives connected are all powered by the voltage running through our walls. Electricity is what keeps us moving forward. You expect it to work whenever you need it. The most effective electrical wirings are the ones that deliver incredible reliability to keep your life powered without you ever needing to mess with the circuitry yourself.

Pensionmark is that same powerful force. We’re committed to being here when you need us. You should never go to flip your light switch and wonder if your retirement plan is being powered.

We look at investments differently. Our investment policies are designed around maximizing employee retirement outcomes.



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