Florida Museum of Natural History Chesterson Etienne

I found the butterfly exhibit very appealing because at a point in time I use to be frightened by butterflies and it caused me to never really appreciate their beauty. The butterfly exhibit was interesting because of the variety of butterflies that were there and the beautiful mini forest that they build for them, but my favorite part was the mini river that they had under the bridge I felt like it just brought everything together.
Getting the opportunity to just stop my everyday activities and just walk around the mouse and learn and distress really help me revive my passion for nature. Learning about native Americans, butterflies, and ocean life was an amazing experience that brought me closer to nature.
I always enjoyed nature and felt that its important part of my life that I don't take enough time out of my day to connect with it. The thing about nature is that we sometimes take it for granted and if we don't take care of it will miss it. Nature helps you get away from everyday life and lets you do some self-reflection.


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