Don't know what to do? Here are a few step to be a wide receiver. By Joey hunt

Why am I an authority?

I am a authority because I've played many games as a wide receiver. Also I have watched football on tv and seen the pro’s run the routes.

This is a football game

Step 1: Most people do not realize how important the wide receiver is to the game of football. I'm going to tell you a few steps to be a wide receiver. On the field you need to know if you are on the line of scrimmage or off. If you don't know it then your team could get a penalty for 5 yards back or the play could be ruined. Most of the time the wide receiver is on the line. The time that you could be off the line is when the play is double out. This means the two and three back are in the same side. So the tight end and the receiver are on the same side. Usually the receiver is off when they are on the same side.

This is the receivers on and off the line. The one on the left is on the line and the one on the right is off the line

Step 2: Next you need to know what side you are on. Let's say the sign to let you know where you are is a number. For example 2-9-2. The nine is for the tight end. If the number is even, this means tight end is on the right. If it is odd he is on the left. So If the number is 2-9-2 the wide is opposite of tight end, so the receiver would be on the right. The two back is usually on the same side of the tight end.

This is a receiver on the side that he is supposed to be on

Step 3: Once you know what side you are on you need to know how to set your feet in the right spots. This step depends on what side you are on. If you are on the right side you need to have your left foot in front and leaning on the back foot. So if you are on the left side you need your right foot in front and leaning on you back foot. The reason you lean on you back foot is because you can push off of it better.

This is a a wide receiver coming out from his stance and running his route

Step 4: Another thing that you need to know to be a wide receiver is to block. In games you would use this on run plays. One way to block is stalk blocking. You do this by staying in front of who you are defending and hitting them in the shoulder pads to keep them in front when they try to get by you. Another way to block is to grab the part of the shoulder pad that is by the chest and push them away from where the ball is going.

This is a wide receiver blocking

Step 5: The final step is the routes. When making your routes you should make the names easy to remember. For example Will Smith. The Will stands for wheel route, which is like a zigzag route. The smith is a slant and for this it is three steps forward, then make a diagonal right. Another example is a hitch go. This play is just one route. So on the hitch go you take three steps forward, turn toward the quarterback for a half a second and then turn and run straight up field. You will find that these steps will help you on the field.

This is a receiver running his route and trying to get past his defender

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