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Teacher Spotlight

Patricia Boyce's second graders created video weather reports to demonstrate their knowledge of the different weather patterns. What a cool way to demonstrate learning with real-world application!

Did you know?

You can download Google Drive to your computer and save files there just like you would with your documents folder.

Google will automatically upload anything you save there to your online Google Drive, which means everything is backed up--no risk of losing your documents! It also makes it easy to share assignments and resources via Google Classroom.

New Google Presentation Feature

You can now add a video directly from Google Drive into Google Presentations. You used to only be able to use the feature with Youtube. Now you can include self-made or student-made videos without having to place them on Youtube first!

Want to make a short video for your students? Try the app ExplainEverything--it lets you record video, include pictures and record narration.

Coming Soon!

In the next couple months, your email will be transitioning to a cloud-based server on Outlook 365. Your email will look the same in Outlook on your desktop, but you will have way more storage and the web-based version is much sleeker and more user-friendly.

I want to hear from you--whether you have a project planned out or an idea you aren't sure how to make a reality, email me! I'm here to support you.


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