Florida Museum of Natural History By: Annie Braune

Nature On Display: The exhibit that I found to be the most appealing was "Florida Fossils: Evolution of Life & Land." I enjoyed this exhibit because it was really intriguing to see the different animal fossils. I thought it was cool that it took you through a timeline of some of the different and ended with a hall of some animals that have gone extinct.

Nature and Ethics: The butterfly rainforest provided me the opportunity to experience nature in the way that leopold recommended. He called for us to "love, respect, and admire" the land and i got that out of this experience in the butterfly rainforest. it was neat to see all the butterflies just flying around and all the trees and greenery was beautiful as well. i loved learning about all the different types of butterflies. i feel like this is an exhibit that everyone was really into, being able to see all the butterflies and maybe being able to have one land on them. I actually really enjoyed going to the museum and learned a lot from the experience.

nature and the human spirit: The exhibit that helped me appreciate the majesty and mystery of natural world was "Northwest florida: waterways & wildlife." my favorite part about this exhibit was being able to explore the caves. the caves were beautiful and made me appreciate the mystery and majesty in nature just like how heschel believed. the Natural history museum helps up step out of our ordinary museum by giving us the opportunity to see things that we may not be able to see in our everyday lives. i also loved the part of the exhibit where we found the plants and animals listed because it made the museum more interactive.

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