Household Chemicals Lab by: Maurice lewis & Kary chambers

Pepto bismol, bubble gum and mint type smell, ph: 6, acid

Coffee, strong odor, ph: 5, acid

Baking powder with water, no smell, ph: 8, base

Milk of magnesia, no smell, ph: 8, base

Lotion(Vaseline), cocoa butter, ph: 7, neutral

Soda(sprite), lemon lime smell, ph: 3, acid

Bird food, fruit juice smell, ph: 2, acid

Carpet Cleaner, cologne smell, ph: 6, acid

BBQ sauce, bbq sauce smell,ph: 5, acid

Fish conditioner, smells like a sewer in a cup, ph: 8, base

Apple cider, feet type smell, ph: 4, acid

Ketchup, tomato sauce, ph: 4, acid

Antacid, smells like lemonade,ph: 7, neutral

Pine sol, smells like a combination of bleach and fragrance,ph: 9, base


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