The Desicion Boy Scouts or Soccer

Last fall, I had the opportunity to go to the Pumpkin Chunk-in or go to my playoff competition for soccer. My whole boy scout troop can go to this competition where you have to build a big catapult. The hardest part about the building the catapult, was that you could only use big tree branches, rope, and weights to launch it that's it, no nails or screws. The main point of the competition was to see which troop from the whole Northeastern part of the country from Maine down to New Jersey flings a pumpkin the farthest. It’s just a fun little competition that we do every year. We spent three to four hours a week for one month going to one of our Assistant Troop Master's property and a few times we even went all day Saturday and Sunday to build it. Every week we would test it out and think that it wasn’t good enough so we would start all over on rebuilding it.

What made me want to stay behind and help my soccer team was because I really wanted to help my team try to win the championships. I may not have been the best player on the team but I felt that since my whole team was there and I felt like I needed to play my role in the game. Everyone was playing the game and everyone was serious and there was no off topic talking about anything else. It was a very serious game. Everyone was so focused and watching the game and listening to our coaches when they were trying to help us.

Our game was the second or third game, we won our first and our second game that we had played. Next came our 3rd game which was the semi-finals. At that point everyone was tired and no one wanted to even run the field. None of us played our hardest or best we were all just a big mess. As for the other team, they had a break in between games and we didn’t. We only scored one goal in the semi-finals. Our opponents however scored 3 and that put them ahead and we just could not catch up to them. I am glad that I stayed back and helped my team because we still made it pretty far, a lot farther than I thought we would, Although we didn't win the championship.

What kept me behind to stay and help my team was because I felt we stuck together as a team and it wasn’t right to bail on my team just because I had an option to do something a little more fun. Also every single year we have an opportunity to participate in the pumpkin chunk-in so it was fine with me if I missed the pumpkin chunk-in this one time.I chose to help my team and, go to my soccer playoffs because there is always a next year to go to the pumpkin chunk-in. And plus this was probably the one and only year my team was going to make it this far in the year.

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