My Trip to Germany (From Rosendale, Wi)

Hi! My name is Rachel Thompson, and I am a 14-year old from Rosendale, Wisconsin. I go to Rosendale Intermediate School and spend most of my free time either playing piano, hanging out with friends, or reading. I'm so excited to be visiting another country for the first time!

When I heard that I had the chance to go to Germany, I just had to check it out! My exchange student, Amy, had a great time with us when she came to visit in January. We visited the state capitol, Lambeau field (where the Packers play), and had a good time learning about each other's culture. One of Amy's favorite things about Wisconsin was the snow. She said they barely got any where she lived! I'm looking forward to finding out what else might be different in Germany.

My exchange partner, Amy Müller

I'm looking forward to:

Eating German food

Seeing German buildings

Visiting a German school

I'm so glad Amy and her family gave me the opportunity to visit their home! I'm really looking forward to it!



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