Spain in fire By Eva GarcĂ­a

~How many fires were in Spain since 2001?~

Between 2001 and 2011 more than the 60,8% of all the Spanish surface got burned,and 9 of the 17 atonomous communitys also got burned,and that's really dangerous,for humans and for the environment.all this fires are caused by humans and their garbage with toxic and dangerous objects.

How are the fires caused???

The forest is the most enviromentally friendly place in the world,because they are the lungs of the world.This fires can be caused by humans,because when we go to the forest,we usually take food to it,that contains trash or cristals,that can cause a forestal fire,especially at summer,when there's more temperature.also they can be caused by young people when they go there with fireworks,or by the barbecues.

But what happens next???

After a forest got burned,it's usually death,talking about trees and the land bellow them,but rarely,they are regrow by different ong's,like green peace or wwc,that treats forest fires,and help the forest to grow up again,been more enviromentally friendly,and helping the air to be healthier and not as toxic as it is.

Tips to avoid the forest fires

Some tips for avoiding forest fires are the ones that the green peace gave in 2014:1)Do not leave trash that could start a fire in a forest 2)try to pick up cristals,they can provoke fires 3)try to don't make barbecues with out the forest permose.

The end

Created By
Eva Garcia


Eva's hard work,2016

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