Revolution By Aimee Allen

I'd Start a Revolution (If I Could Get Up In the Morning )

2002 | Rock

All the things I do that you tell me not to. Try walkin' in my shoes, but you stumble, don't you? 4-5-6 a.m. I'm up all night again.


  • Revolution was featured on the WB series Birds Of Prey centered around the DC comic of same name.
  • Aimee was discovered by producer Randy Jackson and despite recording an album with heavy hitters like Mark Ronson, the album never released because the label was absorbed by Atlantic Records.
  • Aimee’s solo career failed to take off but she has had success as the front woman for Hellcat Records band The Interrupters under the name Aimee Interupter.


Luke Tatum

That awkward place between complacency living in the world built upon the capital accumulation of our ancestors, and realizing the need for revolution. In essence: I'd start a revolution, but these sheets are comfy and it's my day off, so why bother?

Sherry Voluntary

This bubblegum metal is pretty standard early 00’s fare. A sort of satirical look at modern apathy, it repeats one line over and over, “I’d start a revolution if I could get up in the morning.” The stagnating call of the complaining masses that just can’t seem to get themselves to do anything about all the violations to themselves and others that they know are happening. It’s easier to just complain than to start the revolution, especially when that revolution starts with the self, and how we think, and what we accept. The distraction of constant stimulation and instant gratification has lulled so many to complacency. Apathy is the sickness and libertarian philosophy is the cure. When you have a vision of the possibilities that the world holds when people and their autonomy is honored, it’s transformative and ignites a passion for freedom.

Nicky P

I’m gonna take a different position than the other two condtributors on this song. I don’t necessarily think they’re wrong but perhaps thats the strength of this song. One of the reasons I was drawn to libertarianism was the self-help side of self ownership. Self ownership, however, is a double edged sword. The same responsibility that manifests in me as a desire to better myself, does not equate to the same in another. I think of the Ron Swanson line from Parks & Rec where he says if you wanna baloon up to 500 lbs thats your prerogative. No one can decide for you how your life works all they csn decide is whether to associate with you. And here-in lies what I consider the great struggle within libertarianism. You hear it all the time, libertines vs libertarians. One school seems to think you need to condone all wsys of life, the other believes it’s your responsibility to dissociate from those whose lives you find distasteful. The controversy always fascinates me because I definitely don’t buy into the conservative culture preferences the libertarian side espouses but don’t buy into the notion that I need their OK to be me that the libertine side believes. At the end of the day libertarianism is about freedom not culture. It’s up to everyone of us to not be persuaded into apathy by our own expertly constructed prison or at the very least to recognize that we’re the guards in our own prison. Both outcomes are ours to live, freedom isn’t the easy choice all the time. This follows quickly into the immigration debate but we’ll table that discussion for now.

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Nicky P

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