New Guy By Kira Dickau

Tommy, the new guy in town, just moved to Stuart Nebraska. Tommy used to live in Alabama he thought that Alabama was getting boring so he decided to move to the well known Nebraska. He traveled a lot and loved the country and small towns. He came across Stuart by accidental direction mix up. When he drove through Stuart he was glad he messed up his directions. He stopped at the gas station and every one was polite. He found out that Stuart even has a restaurant. Tommy came across a small house for sale. That was just what he needed: a small house to himself.
Tommy's House
Tommy decided since he just moved and he didn't have much food to work with he was going to go out to eat. Luckily the restaurant was within walking distance and in this small town everyone is really nice. Tommy was ready to start a life in this town. It has a great school: with good sports, good teachers, and good students.
Stuart Public School
Tommy loved the restaurant. He met a lot of new people. He especially liked his server. She was really pretty with her medium brown hair down and naturally wavy. Even though she was kinda short he liked her. She was really nice. But he wasn't for sure if it was because she had to be or if she really is that nice.
Cast Iron Bar
He finally figures out the name of this gorgeous girl. Her name was Georgia. He saw her at the grocery store one time and finally wasn't too nervous to talk to her. After that he saw her more and more often at the gas station and grocery store but he enjoyed it. Making small talk each encounter.
South Side Mini Mart
He started talking to her so much that he got to know her really well. Finally he asked her out on a date one of the many times he saw her.
Tommy and Georgia Marriage
They have been dating for about 3 years and Tommy is planning on asking her to marry him. They moved into Tommy's house together because they didn't need anything big. When they finally got married they had to move to a new house out in the country side of Stuart.
They like to have lots of house parties just to keep up in contact with the town, their friends, and family. They don't go to town very often anymore. They only go to support the sports teams and the school fundraising even though they don't have any children they still like to help.
Stuart Gymnasium
6 years later...
They now have 3 children and are enjoying living in the country. They like to live where it is safe for their kids to play outside without getting ran over. They like being able to have some space to raise their animals because they have always wanted a horse.
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