Pugs By : Thitilapa ( Ivy ) Sae-Heng

Pugs have unique features that are different from other types of dogs. First, of all the deep wrinkles on faces and necks. There are only a couple of breeds of dogs that have wrinkles, and the Pug is one of them. Next, it's curly tail that curls toward its body. Also sometimes the tail becomes more curly when the Pug is getting older. It also has a flat nose. A flat nose is very cute but it might bring some medical attention, sometimes their flat nose makes it hard to breathe on hot humid days. Here are some features that the Pugs are known for but there's a whole lot more !

Pugs, wrinkly and cute are not big dogs, they take up little space in the house or the yard. Pugs are about 10 to 14 inches tall in height. They weigh up to about 14 to 18 pounds, or 6 to 8 kg, if your Pug is healthy. The motto of the Pug is “ Multum In Parvo “ which means a lot in a small package. Pugs commonly come in fawn and black. But sometimes they can be all black, light apricot, and reddish gold. Pugs can have silver hair but it is very rare. Their coats are very short. They shed hair a lot, so they do not need to be trimmed. Pugs are not big or giant dogs there are actually small compared to others.

Pugs are very friendly and loyal companions to people of all ages. They love to play and usually get along with kids and adults. Still, sometimes they are shy toward strangers they haven’t seen or met before. Pugs like to get attention from their owners. They would do tricks to grab and hold the owner’s attention. Pugs are great companions with friendly personalities.

If you are getting a Pug their care is very important. First of all, daily exercise you're Pug so it can stay healthy and fit, like taking it for a walk or letting it run around the yard are just a few examples. Second, you should give your Pug clean fresh water and healthy food so it doesn’t get sick easily. Third, you should give it healthy treats like something for it to chew on like a bully stick so it can have strong teeth. You should not smoke near your Pug, it will wheeze and sneeze if you do, then you're Pug might get sick. Pugs are super cute and adorable but you should take good care of your Pug.

Pugs were originally bred in China about 2,000 years ago. They were the favorite of emperors. Sometimes they had guards guarding them. Then Europe raided China and brought the Pugs with them. In Europe they also became a royal family’s favorite pet. Queen Victoria had five ! Pugs have a rich history, here are a couple facts about the history of the Pug.

In all, Pugs have a rich and fascinating history, fantastic features, welcoming and kind personalities and they also need care and attention from their owners. Now you know about Pugs, next time you go to the park maybe you’ll see one.


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