Transgender people Karissa,sarah,camila,hannah and smith

What does it mean to be transgender?

Everyone is born as a male or female but some people feel as if they are born in the wrong body. Being transgender means you feel as if you weren't born as the right gender and as you grow up you make the transition to become the gender you feel more comfortable with.

Being well known on social media comes with its downs especially when you're transgender or in the LGBTQ+ community.

Wes tucker from the pictures above gets hate everyday because of the fact he's transgender. He gets pressured to speak for the transgender community even though hes not comfortable with it yet. Yes he's comfortable being himself and being transgender but he doesn't feel comfortable speaking for others who are transgender.

Nikita dragun from a small town is a MtF transgender who is well known on social media. Coming from a small town not many people are transgender from where she's from. Nikita does beauty and fun videos on YouTube and that comes with hateful people. She brought her subscribers with her on her journey has she transitioned from male to female.

transgender people have to deal with the hate and being judged by people just for being who they are. 40% of transgender people have attempted to commit suicide.

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