The Turragraph Term 1 week 8 2020

Principal's Report

Harmony Day 2020

Harmony Day is a time to celebrate Australia’s diverse culture, focusing on inclusiveness, respect and a sense of belonging for everyone. Enjoy this colourful gallery of photos. We hope they make you feel just like you were part of the celebrations too.

New TNPS Website

We've been busy working on our new school website. If you'd like to take a look at where we are up to, please go to:

The website is a work in progress and over the next few weeks we will continue to add to it. You'll notice that it has many useful links to Department of Education information. Our existing website will redirect you to this new one:


2T's Toys of the Future

BYO Spoon

Our wonderful canteen team are asking us all to play our part in reducing waste at our school. Here's a simple way to help....if you're ordering something that requires a spoon, try bringing your own from home.

PSSA Junior Cricket

Celebrating their recent success - well done to our Junior Cricket players.

Updated response to COVID-19 (20 March)

The following information is an update to that provided on Monday, 16 March. Please check the revised lists of activities and events that will and will not go ahead.

I ask for your understanding and support in particularly noting the postponement of our Parent Teacher Interviews and Student Led Conferences until Term 2, and the cancellation of our Scripture (SRE) classes, Winter PSSA trials (soccer and netball) and School Banking until further notice.

Announced to schools this afternoon, NAPLAN testing will not proceed this year.

Please be assured Turramurra North PS continues to carefully monitor the rapidly evolving situation with COVID-19 (Coronavirus). Currently there are no reported cases within our school or local community. This means we are operating as close to normal as possible. However, hygiene and other practices recommended by both the Departments of Health and Education are being emphasised – these include hand washing, sneezing into the elbow or tissue and staying away when sick.

Current advice:

Based on the Federal Government advice any student or staff member who has been in, departed from, or transited through mainland China since 1 February, Iran since 1 March or the Republic of Korea (South Korea) since 5 March, Italy since 11 March is excluded from child care services, school or work for 14 days from the date they left mainland China, Iran or the Republic of Korea (South Korea) or Italy. These students or staff members are also required to self-isolate at home from the community for a period of 14 days, as the COVID-19 incubation period can be as long as two weeks.

Any confirmed case of COVID-19 will be excluded until they are medically cleared to return.

Close contacts of a confirmed case of COVID-19 will be excluded for 14 days since last contact with the confirmed case. Students who have returned to Australia and have shown no symptoms during the 14-day home-isolation period are able to return to school or work. NSW Health has processes in place to identify any close contacts of cases confirmed in Australia. A close contact is a person who has spent significant time either face to face (15 minutes) or in an enclosed space (2 hours or more) as someone who has tested positive for COVID-19. It is advising these close contacts about not attending work, school or early childhood and childcare services.

The Department of Education continues to work closely with NSW Health to monitor and respond to developments and to ensure the safety and wellbeing of students and staff.

Consistent with current guidelines, children, students and staff who are unwell with respiratory illness should remain at home until symptoms resolve. In accordance with our current practice if any student becomes unwell we will implement our infection control guidelines and follow the advice provided by NSW Health as appropriate.

Promoting good hygiene at school:

The school receives regular updates to support the planning and management of issues related to COVID-19.

To date:

We have soap dispensers in the toilets and they are refilled as required. Regular hand washing with soap is actively promoted. Classes have access to hand sanitiser, and as cleaning standards require, the toilets and desk tops are cleaned every day. The school has plenty of toilet paper and tissues. All staff have been reminded to explain to their students the need to be extra vigilant in all health matters. Posters have been displayed in classrooms depicting hand washing procedures and infection control measures.

If staff member or student presents with flu-like symptoms:

A staff member will be requested to leave school immediately to seek appropriate medical advice from their treating health practitioner. They will remain away from the workplace until they have recovered from their illness. A student will be taken to the sick bay with appropriate staff supervision and where possible have staff maintain a distance of 1.5m. The school will contact parents/carers to come and collect the student and seek medical advice from their treating health practitioner.

Postponement and cancellation of specific events and activities:

From this week, schools in NSW, will cancel assemblies, presentation nights, excursions, travel, sports carnivals and other public events as a precautionary measure to protect staff and students from the spread of COVID-19. Mark Scott, NSW Department Secretary, has indicated that the measures are designed to reduce exposure via non-essential gatherings.

The following events and activities WILL NOT GO AHEAD unless notified otherwise:

  • NAPLAN testing (Years 3 & 5) will not go ahead this year
  • Assemblies on Monday mornings and Wednesday afternoons ( I will be presenting awards, ribbons and badges to students in class.)
  • Principal’s Assembly (2 April) and ANZAC Day Assembly (9 April)
  • Stage 3 Great Aussie Bush Camp (25 -27 March)
  • All excursions
  • The Reading Mentor program
  • Band rehearsals
  • PSSA - all training, matches and competitions temporarily cease until further notification
  • Winter PSSA trials - soccer and netball
  • School Cross Country (3 April)
  • Student Led Conferences and Parent/Teacher Interviews (30 March to 3 April - postponed to Term 2)
  • Easter Hat Parade (7 April)
  • Scripture (SRE) classes
  • Scripture (SRE) Easter Assembly (8 April)
  • School banking

The following events and activities WILL GO AHEAD unless notified otherwise:

  • Gymnastics classes at school (Mondays)
  • Choir and Dance rehearsals at school
  • Class photos (1 April)
  • NTOOSHC (before and after school care)

We will provide more information about our ability to reschedule some of these events at a later date or our ability to reimburse parents/carers as soon as we are able to.

If your child accesses one of our community groups before or after school, please make contact with the provider to determine the arrangements they have in place.

Forward planning and preparation:

The advice schools receive is changing rapidly, and we make changes to our activities and events accordingly. As always the safety and welfare of our students and school community is our prime concern. Our school is operational, and we will continue to implement proactive measures in the school to minimise any potential risk and reassure students. These are sensible measures to protect our students and staff while maintaining our essential service across education in the community.

I will continue to update the staff and community as information is available, sending alerts via School Stream. Please ensure you have the School Stream app installed on your phone.

Michelle Verhagen



Book Club

If you have any queries, please contact Rachel Wald directly at rachelwald1976@gmail.com.

School Banking

An important Notice from CommBank School Banking

The health, safety and wellbeing of our communities and our people is our first priority. Due to the rapidly developing situation with coronavirus, School Banking has been temporarily paused from 20 March 2020 until the start of Term 2. Please don’t bring your deposit book with your weekly banking into school and we will notify you when banking will recommence.

If you would like more information contact your school banking co-ordinator Tania Kullmann on tkullmann@bigpond.com who can assist you.

SCHOOL BANKING WEDNESDAYS Students must have their Bank books to hand in for processing on Wednesday mornings.


P&C Fundraising plans for 2020

In planning for the coming year’s fundraising activity the P&C Executive team has decided to take a new approach. Rather than rely on volunteers to organise the events as we've done in the past - which has unfortunately led to the same group of volunteers organising all of the events - we will now be allocating each event to a year group.

It will be each year group’s responsibility to organise and run their allocated event. There is a run sheet available for each event and organisers are welcome to use the run sheet or re-invent the event and run it as they choose.

The two larger events, trivia night and art show, are shared across 2 year groups.

Event allocation is as follows:

Welcome BBQ - Yr 6

Date: FRI 21 FEB (evening) (T1 W4)

Trivia night - Yr 2 & 3

Date: A Saturday night in Term 2 - TBD

Mother’s Day stall - Yr 1

Date: WED 6 MAY

Father’s Day stall - Kindy

Date: WED 2 SEP

Art show - Yr 4 & 5

Date: FRI 13 NOV (T4 W5)

The exec team will be in contact with each year(s) prior to the event with the run sheet and the opportunity to ask any questions.

Next P&C Meeting Wednesday May 20th 2020 7.00pm in the Hub

P & C Committee

President: Bree Alami

Vice President- Head of Operations: Katie Sumpton

Vice President: Head of HR & Compliance: Vacant

Secretary: Karin van Heerwaarden

Treasurer/Public Officer: Rebecca Fitzmaurice

Asst. Treasurer: Kate Duncan

Uniform Shop Co-ord: David Clarke

Fundraising Co-ord: Vacant

Grounds Co-ord: Kath Selkirk

Band Co-ord: Lucinda Chapman & Zoë McConochie

Canteen Co-Ord: Lirize Loots

Canteen Manager: Mandy Watt

NTOOSHC Co-Ord: Vacant


NTOOSHC April Vacation Care

Dear Families,

As you may be aware the Department of Education has recommended that school excursions be cancelled to minimise the spread of COVID-19 (novel Coronavirus).

NTOOSHC are complying with these recommendations and have made the decision to cancel all excursions for the upcoming April Vacation Care period.

We will be editing the current program to include incursions and in-centre themed activities instead of excursions. As a result we will be cancelling all current Vacation Care bookings to re-upload the correct program to ensure all families are correctly charged as there will be a change in fees on the program. All costs for excursion days will be reduced down to reflect the activities we will be providing in-centre at NTOOSHC. If you made Vacation Care bookings already, you will receive a confirmation of the cancellation of the current bookings and all families will be able to re-book these when available.

We expect our updated Vacation Care program to be available to re-book later this week.

We apologise for the inconvenience caused in the disruption to bookings and thank you all for your patience during this difficult time.

If you have any inquires regarding NTOOSHC, please email us at ntooshc@gmail.com or call at 02 9449 5661.



The uniform shop is open on Wednesday afternoons from 2.30pm - 3.30pm.

Please contact by email uniformshop@tnpspandc.com.au

Canteen News

Please remember to update your children’s classes on Munch Monitor to allow them to buy over the counter and avoid long delays. Our canteen is open on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

To set up a Canteen Munch Monitor Account go to:


  • School ID: turranorthps
  • Password: munch2074

BYO Spoon

Our wonderful canteen team are asking us all to play our part in reducing waste at our school. Here's a simple way to help....if you're ordering something that requires a spoon, try bringing your own from home.