2017 Google Online Marketing Challenge

This is a free opportunity to learn google adwords and have a hands on experience to boost your resume

so....Do you want to be a team?

A key goal of the Google Online Marketing Challenge is to give students practical, hands-on online advertising experience.

Students may use the GOOGLE Digital Marketing course as a self-study training pack.

It is free and at the end, if the exams are passed, students are adwords certified

do you have a business that qualifies?

1. business or organization should not have used AdWords within the last six months.

2. Small traditional retail, travel, or online businesses that are new ventures or family businesses work well.

3. Avoid businesses such as web hosting/design, insurance, law firms, debt consolidation, pest control or movers/shippers. These are highly competitive and the free adwords budget will not last long.

4. The business or organization you partner with should already have a website.

5. When your ad is clicked, customers are taken to a page on the business’s website referred to as the landing page.

If you do not have a business that meets these qualifications, We can find businesses for you

What type of skills do you need on the team?

One organized leader sign up on the website and to submit everything on time

Up to 5 students to examine the competition and current company standing. These students will build and implement a 3 week campaign with $250 of free adwords credits

At least 1 person should have the technical ability to graphically put an Ad together. The ads will be given to the business to upload

Or having access to a graphic designer will do as well

Students should think of themselves as professional marketing consultants who are advising the business or organization on the best way to expand their online presence.

So how do you get on a team?

Email me at karen.mountain@waldenu.edu

Teams are forming now.


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