Christianity By: Somtochi Edeh

Origin Story

Christianity is and is the most practiced universal religon. The term Christianity comes from Greek word "Christos" and means Messiah. This religion was founded by Jesus from 4 BC-30 AD, according to historians. Through out his lifetime Jesus spent a lot of time in our present day Mediterranean area. He grew up as a Jew and gathered a small amount of disciples. He then spent his time preaching the word of God to others until it was time for him to die on the cross. Christianity originates though in present day Judea.

Jesus the founder of Christianity
Diffusion, Dispersal, And evolution

The diffusion of Christianity has been clearly recorded since Jesus first set forth its tenets in the Roman province. Christianity diffused through the combination of relocation, hierarchical, contagious, and stimulus diffusion.

relocation diffusion

Christianity first diffused from its hearth in Judea through relocation diffusion. The missionaries carried the teachings of Jesus along the Roman Empire's protected sea routes and excellent road network to people located in other places.

Hierarchical Diffusion

During the fourth century there was a dominance of Christianity because of the Roman Empire through hierarchical diffusion. There was an exceptance of the religion by the empire's key figure, the emperor. In 313 AD Emperor Constantine encouraged the spread of Christianity by embracing it.While Emperor Theodosius proclaimed Christianity the official religion of the Roman Empire in 380 AD. In subsequent countries, Christianity also diffused because of kings or high figures.

Contagious diffusion

Christianity also spread because of the daily contact between believers in town and non believers in the country side.

Stimulus diffusion

Christianity also diffused through stimulus diffusion because of the permanent settlements of the Mormons and Europeans. There was also the change of reformations.

A map of the dispersion of Christianity over centuries.
  • The main branches of Christianity are Orthodox, Catholic, and Protestant.
  • The main denominations of Christianity are Roman Catholic, Baptist, Methodist, and Lutheran.
  • The major sects of Christianity are the Coptics, the Ethiopian Church, and the Armenian Church.

the sacred

In Christianity they are associated with the dove which represents the Holy Spirit.
In Christianity they are also associated with the cross or crucifx, where Jesus died on the cross.

The major belief of Christianity is that Jesus is the Son of God, the second person of the Trinity of Fod the Faher, the Son, and the Holy Spirity. That his life on earth, his crucifixion, resurrection, and ascension into heaven are proof for God's love for humanity and the forgiveness of sins.

In Christianity the place of worship is the church. The church plays a more critical role in Christianity than do buildings in other religions. It is an expression of religious principles and environment in the image of God. Attendance are also extremely important at the churches as well. It is also considered their sacred space as well.

pictures of churches

The sacred text in Christianity would be the Bible. Christians believe that our teachings our emboided in here. It is opposed of the Old and New Testament.

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