Architecture of worship Odri dedolli

Every year muslims from all around the world visit Hajj in Saudia Arabia.It is a must for every muslim to attend this event once in their lifetime
Taj Mahal,is located in India and is one of the most famous Islamic architectural monuments that brings millions of visitors every year
Vatican City is located inside of the capital city of Italy,Rome.One of the biggest and most important architectures ofChristianity.Every year millions of people visit Vatican.It is also the place where the pope leaves.
Temple in Jerusalem.It is located in the old city of Jerusalem.This temple works as a place for Jewish worship.It was built 957 BCE
The Dome of the Rock
Mahabodhi Temple is located in India.

All of these architectural monuments have one thing in common.They are old and everyone considers them as the gods place.The differences between some of them are not big.You can see and find different similarities in some of them.Taj Mahal and Vatican have both some parts in common.Inside of them they both have the same thing and same message (god).

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