Why Travel?

Recently, I have gained interest in the aspect of traveling. Seeing various pictures of family and friends traveling around the world, I have been motivated to look into how one should travel and what makes it so important. However, with traveling comes a great ordeal of spending money. Which is why, through this project I wished to provide an insight into why one should travel and how they can do so smarter, cheaper and more often.

I believe that traveling can truly transform the views of an individual. It helps us gain an idea of what people around the world go through every day, how someone on a different continent might not have the same privileges as us. This can definitely open our eyes and make us appreciate what we have rather than take things around us for granted. As an individual who was born in a different country and having moved to the United States, I have always been thankful for all the resources I have been blessed with in this country. I believe it is important to emphasize how beneficial traveling can be, since many of us are afraid to venture out into the world to live a different life, just for a day. We grow accustomed to the comfort of our homes and forget about the unfortunate circumstances our fellow human beings might be in, around the world.

Live life!

Traveling can help us take our minds off problems and give us a break in our fast paced lives. Personally, I once remember going on a short trip to Houston to take my mind off some relationship problems and even though the trip was short, it definitely gave me a break and helped me heal while reducing my stress. Traveling no matter where, long or short distances can expand our awareness of nature and everything else around us. While introducing us to diverse areas, it can help us regain any lost enthusiasm for life. Mainly traveling and exploring can help us learn more about places, the culture, and the people and of course the wide variety of food.

Conquer your fears!

Research itself suggests that traveling can drastically cause improvements in health, productivity, relationships as well as career development. According to a website HDM, it has been proven that taking an annual vacation can decrease a person’s risk of a heart attack by 50 percent! Over half of employed families in America admit to feeling reconnected with their families, on returning from a vacation. In terms of students, those who travel to study abroad become more open-minded, trusting, confident and tolerant.

In the TED Talk by Tomislav Perko, he gives us an insight into how one can travel the world with almost no money. It is definitely interesting to see how Tom travels from one place to another by hitchhiking, living at host places, listening to people's life stories during car rides and so much more. His TED talk is proof that traveling is an adventure. All it takes is a little bit of courage and company to set out into the real world and explore the abundance of possibilities.

Maya Angelou once said, “Perhaps travel cannot prevent bigotry, but by demonstrating that all peoples cry, laugh, eat, worry, and die, it can introduce the idea that if we try and understand each other, we may even become friends.” I myself was born and raised in India and I had the opportunity to travel to the United States. Although this wasn’t an ideal travel experience that people envision, this trip changed my life in ways I could never imagine. And even though I came on a trip, a trip to a new country I would call home, unlike trips that people venture out on for vacations, it was nothing short of an adventure to gain more knowledge about different cultures in the United States, different people, different foods, ideals etc. I believe that venturing out on this trip at a young age opened my eyes to a world of possibilities and changed the way I related myself to the world around me. This is why I believe that traveling can make a person humble enough to realize it’s not all about them. By traveling out into the world, you step out of your comfort zone, you take risks that you would not undertake otherwise. This helps you build your self-confidence. Choosing to travel to a country that speaks a language you might be unfamiliar with, pushes you to deal with uncomfortable circumstances, meet new people, and make new friends along the way. By venturing into cultures that might not be as fortunate as yours, you have the ability to gain important perspectives.

Another reason why people tend to put off traveling is that they choose to do so after retirement. But is old age really a guarantee? We may or may not live long but if you travel young, you can savor the happiness of having done something you will not regret. Traveling can help you appreciate those history and geography classes you were bored to death with during your school life.

Travel young!

Traveling does not necessarily have to entail you venturing out into a different county but it can very well be a trip to a neighboring state, followed by more states and then states throughout your whole country. According to some tips offered by ‘Iwillteachyoutoberich.com’, it is indeed possible to travel full time for cheap and less than $14k per year. The tips offered included how to save 80% on airfare by researching various sites until the best prices come into hand, working or volunteering for accommodation, working while traveling, etc. Carpooling and hitchhiking are also ways that people resort to in order to get to places. However, they should be used with caution.

Why Study Abroad?

When it comes to students, study abroad programs can be extremely helpful in broadening student’s perspectives while helping them interact with students from other cultures. By studying abroad, students get the opportunity to see the world, experience different customs, natural wonders, and museums and also gain an insight into different languages spoken in different parts of the world. Studying abroad can help students discover their curiosity, what interests them and gives them the advantage of discovering themselves while discovering another culture. Most importantly, studying abroad can prove to be a life time experience for students since most do not travel abroad otherwise.

Benefits of traveling in a nutshell

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