Plate Boundaries Madison Matthes

Convergent Boundaries

At Convergent boundaries two plates are moving into each other. If it is an Oceanic Plate moving into a Continental Plate the Oceanic one will sink and create a trench and volcanos. If it is a Continental plate moving into a Continental plate it would create mountains

Compression is used in Convergent Boundaries

Real world examples of a convergent boundary and Compression would be the Appalachian Mountains and the Rocky Mountains. A more famous example would be the Himalayas

Divergent Boundaries

A Divergent boundary is when the plates move apart, this happens because magma rises to the surface of Earth creating new crust and pushing the plates apart

Tension is used in a Divergent boundary

A real world example of a Divergent boundary and Tension would be the Mid Atlantic Ridge and the East African Rift.

A Transform boundary is when the plates move past each other this can cause frequent earthquakes

Shear is used in a Transform Boundary

A real world example would be the San Andreas Fault

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