The McLaughlin Family natallie

In 1888 the town we now call Waterville voted whether or not to be a town. On january 28th the request was finally approved, it was 543 votes to 432 votes.

During 1888, Waterville and fairfield railroad disided to join together and create a streetcar service between the two community's. The carts where first made to be pulled by horses but a couple years later they upgraded and the carts were remade to use the newly discovered electrical power.

In 1892, the Hollingsworth and Whitney pulp and paper mills opened in Winslow. Since Winslow is very close to waterville it was able to give many waterville residence jobs. Soon a new mill was created in Waterville, the mill was called the Riverview Worsted Mill. A footbridge, costing two cents to cross, was later added in 1901. A tragic flood wiped out the bridge in 1902, but it was soon rebuild and can still be seen today, many people think its the last surviving foot bridge with a toll.

An inventor by the name of Alvin O. Lombard is best know for his invention of the Lombard Log Hauler. This was the very first continuous tread tractor. It was made to transport logs during winter. The tractor was originally made to be fuled by steam but it was later patented in 1901. Eventully the tractor was modified to use gasoline power. The company was eventually lost because its competition was making tractors for more diverse uses.

With Waterville great industrial incline, more immigrants moved to Waterville to get jobs. The second wave of immigrants came in 1910, they where made up of mostly Lebanese immigrants. Along with the job increase, the second wave consisted of people running from the turkish army taking over there home. A man by the name of Albert stover immigrated about eight years later, from Canada, just in time for the end of World War 1.

At the begining of world war 1, over 5 hundred Waterville citizen where enlisted. A man by the name of Arthur Castonguay was the first Waterville citizen killed in war, because of his sacrifice the square next to City Hall was named in his memory. World War one ended in 1918. 15 years later World War 2 started in 1937. A man by the name of elwell McLaughlin joined the army 10 days after ww2 ended and helped everyone come back from war.

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