Hannah Taylor Museum of caring

this about how the homeless people look for food in garbage cans.

 Hannah created the Lady bug foundation in 2004. She also received a prize in 2008 and she was invited to Ottawa for the red scarf. Hannah went across Canada to talk about homelessness and homeless people. She was in the competition of the Canadian champions. and has also raised 1 to 2 million dollars. Hannah has a friend that’s homeless and his name is Rick Adams. She supports more than 40 homeless shelters, missions, soup kitchens and food banks across the nation. Hannah also wrote a book called ruby`s hope and has won the 100 most powerful woman award. Hannah won the conference award for truthtellers and peacemakers. Taylor helps normal people across Canada not to be scared of homeless people.Unfourtunatly, Hannah as a hole at heart so it difficult for her to breath. Hannah is the third child of Bruce and Colleen Taylor. Taylor collected little for people at the age of 6 years but then started a project to affect and make changes in the world.

Information on Hannah Taylor.

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