Programming(:) a New Curriculum Joshua Felgate

This is a story of a young generation

That finds itself at the apex of success,

And establishes itself with achieving members of society,

Built on a foundation of early technological education in coding.

Programming may seem too complex, but is in fact attainable for elementary school understanding, especially with programs such as ScratchJr.

When child students have a early education in coding, they are saved from a deficiency of technological knowledge necessary in today's world.

The world experiences innovation every day, and even our elementary schools need to reflect that.


Created with images by kjarrett - "Kindergarteners Learning to Code" • StartupStockPhotos - "children win success" • Southeastern Seminary - "Spring Graduation 2010" • UC Davis College of Engineering - "2014 Scholar Awards: UC Davis Engineering" • india7network - "Steve Jobs" • joffi - "hacking hacker computer" • jasongraham99 - "Young learners engaged in learning how to code with ScratchJr." • jasongraham99 - "These Grade 3 kids using a YouTube video tutorial on how to create an interactive video game on ScratchJr. Following directions, being resourceful and resilient" • Pexels - "blueprints entrepreneur hands" • Paul Schultz - "Graduates"

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