MTPS Welcome Back 2021-2022! Marlboro Means Something!

MTPS 2021-2022 Quick Update

Hello Marlboro Community,
This week, our formal welcome letter went home. If you just need the highlights, you can quickly scroll through the following:
I realize we are yet again opening our doors to 2021-2022 in a way that none of us would want. Our focus this year must remain on what matters most - The Education Of Our Students.

MTPS Core Values

MTPS Fundamentals

MTPS Road Forward Plan

I have received some questions regarding the vaccination of students. MTPS has not engaged in any discussion of vaccinating students. We will continue to send information regarding vaccination opportunities to our parents and guardians.
Click the button below for our entire Road Forward Plan for the 2021-2022 school year.

MTPS Road Forward Plan Webinar

I am scheduling a “MTPS Road Forward Plan" webinar for Thursday, September 2nd at 7:00 p.m.; if you missed the August Board of Education meeting, this will be an opportunity for you to hear our Road Forward Plan for the 2021-2022 school year. You will have the opportunity to ask questions at the webinar. This webinar will be about our plans and preparations for the year.
It will not be a discussion on points of view on the pandemic, masking, or individualized concerns. The webinar will be recorded and posted. Just copy the link below.


District Mask Survey

We recently sent a survey through Genesis regarding the use of masks. We felt it important to see exactly where our parents/guardians stood on the issue.
At the August 24, 2021 Board of Education meeting, the MTPS Board of Education decided to send a letter to Governor Murphy stating the facts of the survey. The letter will not support either side; the MTPS Board of Education and I fully support the opinions of all of our parents and guardians. The letter will be sent when we have a full representation of our school community.
To date, the survey results are as follows as of Monday August 30th:
We have 4,020 of a possible 4,444 responses recorded. 2,635 respondents are in favor of the mask mandate. 1,385 were in favor of parent/guardian choice.
65.5% of parents/guardians supported the mandate requiring masks in schools.
34.5% of parents/guardians did not support the mandate and would have preferred parents and guardians to be given the option to choose whether their child/children wear masks in schools.
You can also see the staff survey information included in the picture and link below.

Remote Learning Important Information

Remote instruction will be used for isolated and quarantined students only. This will apply to students who have a documented case of COVID-19 or those who have documentation of a close contact quarantine.
Governor Murphy has removed the ability for parents and guardians to choose 100% remote instruction.
Please click the button below for information about our Remote Instruction Plan for 2021-2022.

Outdoor Eating Spaces

MTPS will have two spaces at each building for outdoor eating, snacks, mask breaks, learning, etc. Each building principal is free to design this space as it would work for his/her buildings. If you have any specific questions, please contact your building principal.

Executive Orders 251 and 253 (Masking Requirements Indoors for MTPS)

I am sure you know by now that the governor enacted executive orders that mandate the use of masks in indoor settings for schools. He further clarified Executive Order 253. Please take a moment and read the specific language if you are considering requesting a medical exemption for masks. Please note that the masking requirements, per the executive orders, apply to indoor settings and transportation only. They do not apply to outdoor settings. Please see especially important information regarding Governor Murphy’s clarification below:
All students and staff, absent an approved medical exemption, will wear masks inside MTPS buildings. MTPS will use the heat exemption in buildings without air conditioning due to excessive heat. Students will NOT be forced to wear masks on transportation or in classrooms that do not have air conditioning during excessive heat. We will handle this on a day-by-day basis for our students. More information will come from your child’s principal.
The expectation is that there will be total compliance with the governor’s mandate absent an approved medical exemption.
Students who do not comply with this mandate will be isolated and parents/guardians will be asked to pick their child/children up from school.
MTPS does not want to divert efforts away from educating our students when having to focus on compliance issues. Please know that we will always treat our students with love and respect when it comes to masks.
Our goal is to focus on the concept of positive prevention and personal responsibility. In doing this, we will be sure to educate our children in a compassionate and respectful way; we will in no way instill or perpetuate any feelings of fear regarding masking.

MTPS Cleaning

MTPS will adhere to the same level of cleaning provided last year. Please see our Road Forward Plan for more details. This involves having the same level of hand washing, hand sanitizer, and disinfectant wipes.

Free Lunches and Snacks

MTPS will provide free lunches and snacks to all students for the duration of the 2021-2022 school year under the Seamless Summer Option. MTPS will work with Chartwells to ensure the success of the lunch and snack program. MTPS will continue to avoid offering self-serve food options. MTPS will also discourage students from sharing meals. In the cafeteria, MTPS will perform routine cleaning between groups and after lunches have been completed for the day.
Vinnie Palmiero, Director of Dining Services, will disseminate lunch and snack information to all parents and guardians to ensure the successful deployment of our food service initiative for the 2021-2022 school year.


Recently, the governor enacted Executive Order 253. Our district, as every district in New Jersey, is in the process of designing our plan for testing. Information will be disseminated as the plan is formalized.

Look Ahead Dates

Important Upcoming Dates

Updates - BoE Minutes - & Other Important Information

School & Teacher Websites

Our website is full of important information and is growing by the day. In addition, you may also access individual school web pages by clicking on the “Schools” button located on the home page on the upper right. On the school page there is a button titled “Teacher Websites.” On each teacher website is the teacher’s contact information. In an effort to make the look of teacher websites consistent across the district, particularly for parents who have students in multiple grades, all teacher websites will display a Google Calendar showing homework, projects, tests/quizzes, and other class events as appropriate. Our intention is to make supporting students from home easier. If you have a Gmail account, you may subscribe to these Calendars to view them from your account or device. This feature is in addition to the ability of parents/guardians to subscribe to Google Classroom Weekly Or Daily Email Summaries For Guardians.

Genesis Updated Information

Please ensure your parent/guardian information is updated in Genesis. You will only receive district notifications (phone calls, emails, and text alerts) if your information is accurately housed in Genesis. Please expect to receive a notification from the district in the fall to “Opt-In” to receive text messages. Be on the lookout for this email.

Where Can You Find Factually Accurate MTPS Information?

Curriculum Corner

Teachers and other district staff have been working tirelessly during the summer months to ensure the latest updates to curriculum and instruction materials were made to welcome the new class of students entering the MTPS hallways. Specifically, the most recent enhancements include work on the health/physical education, world language, music, social studies, science, and art. Some were complete rewrites and others were modified to update resources, standards, and the like.
August is a particularly energizing month to be in education at MTPS. Marlboro Academy of New Teachers, Resource Staff, and Administrators (MANTRA) took place from August 16 through August 24, 2021. This intensive, annual seven-day workshop ensures that newly hired staff have the knowledge and strategies to realize the expectations for being a successful employee in the Marlboro community.
We have so many things to be excited about in Marlboro. We continue meaningful social-emotional and character development work. Each school will focus on six specific pillars: Trustworthiness, Respect, Responsibility, Positivity, Caring, and Citizenship. Working together, we must help our children develop the values and skills necessary to successfully navigate their current experiences and future endeavors.

MTPS Curriculum Essential & Important Clarification:

Sometimes, we receive inquiries regarding curriculum completion for the 2020-2021 school year.
MTPS covered all New Jersey Student Learning Standards during the 2020-2021 school year.
The false claim of not covering such standards is being promoted by a small group at board meetings and online. Our district response is to always invite those making this claim into the district to actually see our implemented learning pathways.
To date, no one has taken us up on our offer to meet regarding this matter. If you would ever like to see our pacing guides or discuss curriculum in general, please contact Mr. Michael Ballone, Assistant Superintendent at mballone@mtps.org. He will be happy to assist you.

Curriculum Links


Placement is always a topic of interest. Please see the below link to access placement information and related documents for your review. Please note, that any student who has the goal of entering a C Level or honors class for the following year should be preparing all year for this goal. If you need guidance on how to prepare, please reach out to your child’s principal. The district provides online resources that support academic needs and learning growth. Explanations of these resources may be found below in the “Technology” section.


MTPS believes that instructional technology affords effective, personalized learning opportunities for all students. There are a host of programs to utilize at student disposal for the 2021-2022 school year and also during the summer months! Please click below to learn more.
We are truly lucky to work in the most important and, in our opinion, the best profession in the world. Each and every day, our goal is to make a positive difference in the lives of students. Our goal is to always meet the needs of all students and the community. If at any time you have a question, please do not hesitate to contact the appropriate person. I wish you a wonderful and safe end of summer and a successful start to the new school year. We are eager to continue our long-standing tradition of excellence in Marlboro.
Superintendent of MTPS