Andrew Carnegie... Robber Baron

Reason #1: Andrew Carnegie wanted to get rich with his steel business, so he decided to squeeze all the money he could get by giving his workers low pay. go to:

Reason #2: Since his business was his responsibility, the workers that he hired is also his responsibility. Carnegie let Henry Frick hire the Pinkertons to make the workers go back to work and stop protesting.

Reason #3: The news got out that the workers got shot and Carnegie had a bad name. To clear his bad name, Carnegie did acts of good to be known for good.

To this day, we still use steel in our buildings, architecture and everyday objects.
Andrew Carnegie wanted to leave a good mark on his name, so he donated to places and helped with charities.
Carnegie had made a huge mark by making a college/university for students to get quality education, and is known as Carnegie Mellon University.


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