My Focused Future By shawn holt

I would to sky dive one day
I would like to visit Toronto
I would also like to Mexico
When I grow up I would like to become an engineer
When I grow I would like to live in Los Angeles
Go snowboarding
Travel to Egypt and see the Pyramids
Go bungee jumping
Visit Hawaii
Go cliff diving
Drive a Lamborghini


Created with images by fleskw - "space" • Meditations - "skydiving parachutes airplane" • wassonator - "toronto canada night" • RussBowling - "Puebla, Mexico" • Andrew Feinberg - "DSC_0171.JPG" • aarontait - "Summer Library and Enginnering" • chriswsn - "Vehicle Assembly Building" • tpsdave - "los angeles california city" • fill - "snowboard winter snow" • Unsplash - "ski-lift ski lift ski" • steve-uk - "Snowboarding in Val Di Vassa, Italy" • spinheike - "snowboard winter winter sports" • Pexels - "alone camel desert" • garnoteldelphine - "egypt africa pyramid" • DavidHBolton - "Pyramids" • Aflickion - "SkyTower_0015" • Ricardo's Photography (Thanks to all the fans!!!) - "Hawaii" • shutterbean - "fire torch hawaii" • Hruruk - "rainbow hawaii views" • paul bica - "evening walk" • wedgemondo - "cliff dive" • Damian Morys Photography - "LP640."

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