The Security Guard By: Sean hayden

In a torn up, smelly Trent High School, where the food tastes awful, creepy sounds come from the wall, and where spider webs are found on the outside walls, in the southern central part of Los Angeles, California, the clock of the school struck 10:00 p.m. This is the time that all the doors had to be locked. A small, pale skinned security guard named Fernando, locked the doors and got into his car.

He sighed and drove to his apartment. Fernando doesn't make a lot of money, so his apartment is small. Typically, Fernando comes home and watches T.V with the lights off. He doesn't bother to change the channel, and he eats the same snack every day. He watches hour after hour of T.V, but always is depressed when he is done watching.

Today while watching T.V, Fernando got a call from Principal Mac, the principal of the High School. When Fernando picked up the phone, Principal Mac told him that he was fired. Fernando was shocked, he asked "What, why am I fired?" Principal Mac answered "Because for the past two weeks, you haven't been locking all of the doors." Fernando then ended the call and sat down with tears running from his eyes, not even having the strength to pick up the remote.

Then 30 minutes later a thought came to his mind. I've always wanted to be a winner on a reality T.V show, maybe now's my chance." Fernando wanted to forget when he tried out 2 years ago for Reality T.V at its Finest, and he didn't get a spot. He was as sad as sadness from Inside Out. After he got off the phone with the principal, he saw that there had been an ad for a reality show. He decided to go to it and try to get a spot.

He called his friend, Trey, and told him that he was trying out for a reality show. Trey told him “Just stay calm man.” And Fernando answered “thanks” and did just that. He got the part and even won the reality show. Fernando won 1 billion dollars and used the money to buy a mansion.

When Fernando got to his mansion, he saw that there had been a balcony, so he went on the balcony. While on the balcony, he closed the door and he heard a click (meaning that he was locked out of his house on a balcony). He also remembered that he forgot to lock the front door and he saw robbers break into his house. He tried calling the police, but no one answered, so he called Trey, and told him to come to his new mansion.

Fernando also got a call from the studio saying that he didn't have the part anymore. Fernando didn't know if he could get another job. When Trey got to Fernando's house, Fernando thought, “I was so stressed when I heard the door open, my heart rate went up like a rocket ship, I thought my life was over. Thank god my friend Trey was coming over, I felt alone no more. I would have done the same thing for Trey, if he had a problem of his own, and I never would take him for granted.

When Trey got to Fernando's room (the place where you have to go to get on the balcony), Fernando thanked him so much. Fernando also asked Trey if anything looked like it had been stolen, nothing was stolen. Trey told Fernando that there had been an opening for a new job at 7-11. Fernando had got the job and he still kept his mansion and all of his money.

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