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Robert Fulton is best know for developing the first successful commercial steamboat, the North River Steamboat which carried passengers between New York City and Albany, New York.Fulton also designed the world's first steam warship. He also designed the "Nautilus," the first practical submarine in history, which was built in 1800.

This is Robert Fulton

Robert Livingston served as a representative of the state of New York in the Continental Congress. During the Second Continental Congress, he was one of five committee members the others being Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, John Adams and Roger Sherman who helped draft the Declaration of Independence in 1776.

This is Thomas Jefferson

In 1777, Livingston helped New York draw up its new state constitution; afterward, he became the state's chancellor, making him New York's highest-ranking judicial official. He would remain in the office for 24 years.

Under the Articles of Confederation, Livingston served as the secretary of foreign affairs from 1781 to 1783. Dealing with the weak central government that the articles provided for turned Livingston into an advocate for a stronger federal system for the new nation, and a supporter of the newly drafted U.S. Constitution.


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