Instax Wide from NWHL games from 2017 - 2020

For a three seasons, I've been bringing my Instax Wide along to every NWHL game I photograph. I don't always use it and when I do, I don't always get usable shots. I'll readily admit a lot of times I just pull it out of my bag and quickly shoot, without thinking too much about which of the 3 settings it should be on. I partially like that spontaneity, especially when the rest of my game is so full of being extremely precise, but I also get a little frustrated when it doesn't work quite right.

Some of the frames here were scanned on a flatbed scanner and others were photographed on a piece of paper with a dslr pointing straight down. They're all imperfect digital files of a physical print, full of dust and most often crooked, but that seems fitting for these too.


Michelle Jay