The Fastest Man on Wheels lewis hamilton, the fastest driver on the world takes on bringing f1 racing famous again in the u.s

Lewis Hamilton: The fastest car racer in the world shoots down the track at more than 200 MPH. He flabbergasts fanatics as he wins first place. People all around the world are fans of this man and Formula one racing, All, except the U.S. In America, people don’t even know what formula One racing is, “So many people I meet in America ask me, what’s formula one?” “What?!” Hamilton says, “ Do you live in a shoe box! Haven’t you at least heard of it!”

For a very long time, America’s economy has brought down Formula One racing, As it became favorites to hundreds everywhere else around the world. When the mass media company, Liberty Media purchased the Formula One business for an extreme 8 Million dollars, the industry was purchased in hopes of bringing the Formula One back to life in the States.

Hamilton’s path to the top of auto racing began at age 6 when he started racing R/C Vehicles, and winning.This man is extraordinary and i would say ,the best racer in the world.

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Muhsin Hameed

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