Touring the world! Religon is everywhere you go

Taj mahl
Ganges river

December 9th: I loved visiting India they are very religious there. The religon that is showed the most in India would be Hinduism. When I was in India I visited the Taj Mahal, it is very beautiful! Thier are many paintings and a lot of empty rooms. The Taj mahl is huge a lot of Indians and people around the world come to see this amazing architecture. Another thing I visited while I was there was the Ganges river did you know Hindus think of it as a extension of the God or Lord Shiva.

Febuary 15th: China's amazing the cultrual landscapes are beautiful! When I was down there I noticed a lot of people practicing the religion Buddhism. One architecture that I found in China was the The Temple of Heaven in Beijing. The Temple of Heaven is very achient looking with stain glass windows. The public is welcome to practice marchial arts at the temple of heaven which is supposed to help channel energy in your body. The Temple of Heaven is important to the religon of Buddhism because it is considered the most holy temple in china for Buddhists.

The Temple of Heaven

June 5th: I was visiting the great country of Jerusalem when I realized that in jerusalem there are a lot of religious beliefs one of the most common in this country is Judaism. One of the places I visited was Temple Mount, Temple Mount is important to the religon of Judaism because it is known as thier holy place.

Temple Mount

August 24th: I visited the big country called The United States, did you know this country had the most Christians than any other country! One of the places I learned and saw that Christans go to praise there God is called a church. A church is one of the most important architectures of the religon Christianity. When I went in the church there was a bunch of cross symbols on the walls and on the stage. The United States was a very intriguing country to visit I loved all the cultural and landscape and would defiantly love to come back!


December 28th: the last destination I visited was one of my favorites in Saudi arabia. I love this country in saudia rabia a lot of people practice the religon called Islamic. One of the scared sites I visited to see what Islams religon was is to see the book of Mecca and Medina. This prayer book contains two miniature paintings of the holy cities of Mecca.

Building where the Mecca and median is
Saudi rabia


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