The Longest Time By Remy


2018 | Pop

“If you book a ticket for a flight, stow your baggage and some of your rights. -- Travel, you're hoping, but first you'll get a groping and you'll be waiting for the longest time."


  • Remy was born in DC to Iraqi and Lebanese parents, and grew up in Virginia.
  • He garnered attention with youtube videos of his alter ego Iraqi comic Habib Abdul Habib.
  • Find out more about Remy at goremy.com
  • Since 2010, Munasifi has partnered with Reason TV and the Reason Foundation to create libertarian parody videos.


Luke Tatum

The magnificent quartet of Remy, Remy, Remy...and...Remy. There was a time, albeit short lived, that I thought the TSA was such an obvious win for libertarians. Everyone hates the waiting, they haven't caught any terrorists, they steal stuff, harrass people...who could possibly not take our side here, right? Sadly, as I came to find out, the TSA are treated much like the police by many people. "Well, you know, there might be a few bad apples, but they are just trying to keep us safe!" Or, better yet, "I actually don't mind waiting longer at the airport if it means they can protect us!" They aren't protecting us. Ugh. I really have to throw my hands up on this one. As for the song: Top-notch Remy.

Sherry Voluntary

Remy Munasifi is just great! Anyone who can point out the antics of The State so well has my respect. The song is pretty straight forward and gives a comic take on how you are harassed just to take a flight from one place to another. It is funny, but it's also sad. So sad that Americans are so willing to give up their rights for the illusion of safety. Nobody likes the TSA, and they fail miserably at the job they are suppose to do, and yet The State keeps them around. It's not enough that our rights are trampled, by people who honestly probably couldn't do much else, but the insult is that we have to also pay for the privilege of being mistreated.

Nicky P

I'm never upset when I see a new Remy song on the list...because I put it there in the first place. I love that Reason has a relationship with an artist making sure we're getting some easily accessible satirical music from a libertarian perspective. This parody of the classic Billy Joel song makes a simple point that stands as a great gateway to normies. Anyone who's flown since 9/11 has complained about the state of air travel. If we can get them to start associating that with government overreach then we can start gaining a shared vocabulary. All too often we try to talk about issues with people who don't even understand our basic terminology.Plus everyone likes a good chuckle.

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Nicky P