Allen Eagle Escadrille TWIB Notes August 2-9, 2020

Message from Dr. Obado

What are TWIB Notes? TWIB stands for THIS WEEK IN BAND. TWIB Notes will be distributed via e-mail, text, and Allen Band Booster Association social media platforms. The TWIB Notes will present the week's events and if there are any student or parent actions for the week. I'll share the rehearsal schedule, weekly itineraries, possible assignment due dates, and a three-week calendar so all at-home and in-person students know the latest information. Every Monday in class, directors will share the same information (in-person and at-home) with the students and will provide a forum for questions.

Here is a glance of this week's announcements. Please scroll down for more details.

  • Summer Rehearsals move to 6pm-9pm this week. Know your schedule and bring your instrument.
  • Online registration is past due. All students (at-home, at-home/marching band, in-person/marching band) must complete the online registration process.
  • Music (including region music), section videos, and fundamental videos are available on www.allenband.com
  • Private lessons (virtual) are encouraged and recommended! Who is your teacher?

Summer Band Rehearsals



All rehearsals this week will be at AHS from 6pm-9pm - BRING YOUR INSTRUMENT. Please do not drop students off earlier than 5:30pm. We will follow the same safety protocols as last week. Percussion/Color Guard drop off should be at the PAC/track stadium. Students driving to rehearsal should follow the Rugby drop-off.

Rehearsals will be considerably warmer at 6pm. Please bring lots of water as we cannot provided a shared water source. Dress accordingly to the Texas heat.

  • Color Guard (full group) will enter rehearsal through the AHS Band Hall Doors (door 29) and begin rehearsal in the band hall. Temps taken at the door.
  • Percussion (split: varsity/junior-varsity) will enter rehearsal through the AHS percussion rehearsal room garage doors and meet in the Ensemble Room after temps are taken.
  • Band groups are still split by group and will meet on the same rehearsal field: track stadium or rugby field.


(1) NEW STUDENTS: UIL Pre-Participation Form and (2) ALL STUDENTS: Allen ISD Health Screening Form. Print, complete, and bring to your first day of summer rehearsal. We will not admit students into rehearsal without the proper paperwork on the students' first rehearsal day.

Safety Precautions

The band staff is committed to providing the safest rehearsal environments based on UIL/TEA/AISD guidelines and the latest research on aerosols and safely playing on wind instruments in rehearsals (indoor and outdoor).

All students are required to complete the AISD Health Screening form ONCE (the first rehearsal in attendance). Dr. Obado will send a Daily Health Screen reminder regularly to remind students what health criteria need to be met prior to arriving rehearsals. Students are also temperature checked at arrival and told to use the provided hand sanitizer at arrival and dismissal.

All students that are part of the marching band will receive special PPE equipment for outdoor and indoor use without additional charge. We will use part of the refreshment fee charged at registration towards the purchase of PPE equipment for every marching band/In-Person student.

Brass/Woodwinds will receive a special double layer face-mask that has a flap for your mouthpiece (with Allen Eagle logo) & instrument bell cover or woodwind bag (for indoor playing). Percussion/Color Guard will receive a regular face-mask and gaiter scarf with Allen Eagle logo.


  • Students are required to use face coverings at arrival, dismissal, and breaks.
  • Hand sanitizer provided.
  • Face coverings are recommended when not playing wind instruments at minumum 6-ft spacing. We are following the current UIL guideline of 10-ft while rehearsing and 6-ft while resting.
  • When playing wind instruments we will reduce the production of aerosols to our best ability. Students will be assigned a letter (A,B,C,D) and will only play when their letter is called. Students not playing will be required to wear their face coverings. Students playing will be required to use their provided double-layer face-mask with their instrument covers (woodwinds will only use a bell cover). We will limit playing outdoors to a bare minimum until we receive the proper PPE.
  • The entire group will clear the field every 45-minutes (for a break) to allow aerosols to disperse.
  • We will split groups throughout the entire marching season as much as we can. We will minimize full group rehearsal (30 minutes max).


  • Marching band rehearsals will never be held indoors.
  • Once In-Person students come to campus we will not play a single note until everybody receives their PPE (double masks & covers/bags).
  • Brass players will be provided disposable pads for their "spit" and will be required to throw away at the end of class.
  • Students will be spaced out in rows (not arcs) in 6ft-10ft distancing.
  • If possible, we will open doors (with permission from AISD security) and play 35 minutes before an HVAC break and dismissal. 50-60 minute classes will play up to 35 minutes. 90 minute classes will play up to 35 minutes with a 15 minute HVAC break in the middle. Bands may play outdoors if the director desires.
  • HVAC break means the class will go outdoors to allow the HVAC system go through one air change cycle (15 minutes). All AISD facilities have proper HEPA filters for maximum safety.
  • Chairs, stands cleaned with Virex brand solution after every class.
  • Students dismissed in sections to locker room to avoid close contact.

Online Registration Past Due

Registration is now past due. Please see the link above to complete your registration. ALL students regardless of At-Home, In-Person, Marching Band, or Non-Marching Band are required to complete the online form. You will receive a daily reminder via e-mail beginning on Tuesday if registration is not completed.

The purpose for registration is to:

  • Submit required paperwork
  • Pay required marching band fees (if applicable)
  • Pay instrument usage fees if you are using a school-owned instrument
  • We will establish a distribution day for paid items soon (BEFORE our first performance).

Music & Section Fundamentals

See link above for access to All-Region music, stand tunes, traditional show music, and Star Wars music (directors will assign parts). Parts to Bohemian Rhapsody and our drill team/color guard tunes will be added soon.

Included in this link is a section video page. This page includes links and Remind codes for each section. There is also a great video produced by our Band Council and SLTs on our marching fundamentals. You can view this resource to practice at home!

Private Lessons (Virtual)

All students are highly encouraged to take private lessons. Currently, lessons are offered virtually as we will not have face-to-face lessons in AISD at this time. Know that All-Region Auditions will be VIRTUAL this year. Taking virtual lessons will give you a huge opportunity for maximizing your potential as you prepare for your virtual All-Region audition.

You may take lessons during your assigned band class (At-Home & In-Person). Directors will have a list of students that have lessons each day during class. At-Home students on-line must check-in with director before leaving for their virtual lesson. In-Person students must check-in before their lesson time; they may have their virtual lesson in a practice room. Practice rooms will locked if not being used for a lesson and sanitized/locked after all lessons.

Three-Week Calendar

  • Aug 3: Marching Rehearsal (6-9pm)
  • Aug 4: Marching Rehearsal (6-9pm)
  • Aug 5: Marching Rehearsal (6-9pm)
  • Aug 6: Marching Rehearsal (6-9pm)
  • Aug 7: Marching Rehearsal (6-9pm)


  • Aug 10: Marching Rehearsal (6-9pm)
  • Aug 11: Marching Rehearsal (6-9pm)
  • Aug 12: FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL (remote)
  • Aug 13: Marching Rehearsal - ALL STUDENTS (6-8:30pm)


  • Aug 18: Marching Rehearsal - ALL STUDENTS (6-8:30pm)
  • Aug 20: Marching Rehearsal - ALL STUDENTS (6-8:30pm)
Welcome to the Allen Eagle Escadrille! #MyBand


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