Williams Syndrome By Chad williams, period 3

Williams Syndrome is a syndrome caused by the deletion of material near the elastin gene in chromosome seven. Williams syndrome is a developmental disorder that changes many parts of the body. This condition is found with mild to moderate mental disability or learning problems, unique personality traits, distinct facial features, and heart problems.

This syndrome can be diagnosed via a blood test. It is a developmental disorder meaning it is caused during development not heredity although in a small percentage it is increased in chance as one parent has the deletion of the material in the chromosome. There isn't any cure for this syndrome but there are therapies to alleviate symptoms and surgeries to take care of the cardiovascular problems one suffers such as blood vessels being too narrow for adequate supply.

Most diagnosed with the syndrome have a similar personality of being very open and friendly, with their ear to ear smile it is hard to deny that they are pleasant people. Although having trouble with abstract thoughts and mathematics depending on their level of mental retardation they can be very well composed.

Most of those affected can live rather normal lives with help in the beginning to overcome the learning disability factor although same as with any disorder there are outliers in the extremely disabled and will need care for the rest of their lives and those who are barely changed by this. They must avoid foods rich in calcium and vitamin D for it can narrow there already narrow blood vessels.

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