Vocabulary 4/7/17 By Ndangoh formusoh

Degenerate: A corrupt or immoral person.

Example: Cheaters are degenerates.

Implausible: (Of an argument or statement) not seeming reasonable or possible.

Example: His guess that igniting the leaves wouldn't cause a forest fire was implausible.

Incoherent: (Of language) Incomprehensible.

Example: The book that the boy read was incoherent.

Intercede: Intervene for another.

Example: He interceded her death in the burning building when he saved her from it.

Intricate: Very complex or comprehensive.

Example: The key's design was intricate.

Sanctuary: A place of security.

Example: Storm shelters are a sanctuary in the middle of a tornado.

Scrutiny: Thorough observation.

Example: The teacher put his students under scrutiny as they tested.

Sinister: Foreshadowing something hurtful or evil.

Example: The sinister, bloodstained hallway was unsettling.

Suffice: Be sufficient, or enough.

Example: At the bidding, everyone hoped their max amount of money would suffice.

Vulnerable: Open to physical or emotional harm.

Example: Insecure people can be vulnerable.

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